“Arre, you’re doing too much, too much,” says little Anushrut, his eyes already tearing up but voice still defiant.

This was a boy who clearly did not like hair cuts and his incredibly endearing struggle with his barber went viral in 2020.

The barber tries to get past his little customer’s recalcitrance with some deflection, asking him what his name is. It works for a bit. “Anushrut,” he replies.

But the kid’s too clever for this distraction to work for long. Next sentence: “Don’t cut Anushrut’s hair.” More questions around his family follow – except one of them reminds Anushrut that his grandfather is also being subject to the same torturous grooming as him.

Matters soon escalate to threats. “I’ll cut your hair – I’m very big already.”

But to his credit, the boy doesn’t move and sits still though the haircut.