A lot happened in 2020. Most of it forgettable in unforgettable ways. But on the black wall of gloom were some specks of glee, with nature, the spectacle of television, and the absurdity of modern politics coming together in perfect harmony.

CNN’s senior Washington correspondent Joe John was ambushed by a raccoon seconds before he went live. John, who has a history with the raccoon at the White House, had to literally scream at it. “Get,” he shouts at the creature, before declaring with exasperation, “There he is.”

He then throws something to scare it, and roars comically. “Damn, frickin raccoons man,” Joe says after the episode. “God again, this is the second time. It only comes around right about when I’m going to go on TV.”

The senior correspondent clarified on Twitter that no animals were harmed during the scuffle.

CNN Anchor Alisyn Camerota tweeted the video of the encounter on her social media account, saying “just another day in the nutty news cycle”. John fending off the raccoon on the White House lawn has been viewed 1.9 million times. Everyone, including the furry foes, is probably having a good laugh about it.