Locked down at home without being allowed to meet anyone, at least one young man found excellent company. Two-year-old Theo Brady in Utah, USA, an only child, has become inseparable from a skeleton.

His mother Abigail Brady said that when Theo found the skeleton from the Halloween decorations, it was “an instant hit”. The toddler made up his mind that skeletons did not belong in the corner.

The bony friend was first taken along on a ride to a local reservoir in mid-September, and eventually started accompanying the family everywhere, from weddings to dining together.

“The year 2020 has thrown a hardball, so it makes me happy to know people are finding something positive to connect with,” Abigail Brady told The Washington Post.

Meanwhile, Theo Brady continues to eat breakfast with the skeleton and even cuddles next to him in bed to wind down after a long day.