Prime Minister Narenda Modi's peculiar understanding of Indian history has yet again become grist for humour on social media.

On Monday, at a ceremony in Washington to mark the repatriation of Indian cultural property, Modi expounded on the country's heritage. According to the wire agency ANI, he said there are sculptures at the 13-century Sun Temple in Konark, Odisha, which show "figurines wearing what modern fashionable girl wear who wears skirts & carries purses".

The prime minister is in Washington on the fourth leg of his five-nation tour. During his three-day visit to the US, Modi will meet President Barack Obama, address a joint session of the Congress, and meet business leaders.

At the repatriation ceremony at Blair House, the prime minister said he is very grateful to "the government of US and the president for returning a part of our culture. This heritage inspires us for the future".

While on the subject of heritage, Modi also spoke of medical discoveries in India.

Twitter, predictably, couldn't help but see humour in Modi's understanding of history.