Civil Aviation Minister P Ashok Gajapathi Raju on Saturday announced a series of new measures to rein in fare and flight cancellation prices, IANS reported. The government also made changes to airlines’ excess baggage policies and said baggage cannot be charged more than Rs 100 per kilogramme, upto five kilogrammes above the 15-kg limit.

Some of the new fare rules include increasing passenger compensation (to up to Rs 20,000) if denied a seat because of airline over-booking, refunds being made applicable to all fares including special and promotional tickets, giving passengers the choice in opting for cash or credit refunds, and new regulations for facilities for disabled passengers. Raju also announced that taxes and airport fees will be refunded in case of cancellations, and increased compensation for flights cancelled within 24 hours of departure time up to Rs 10,000.

A list of the new rules is available here.