OnePlus, the premium smartphone brand, has been riding the success wave having been crowned the market leader in its segment. OnePlus led the premium smartphone segment for the first time ever in India, surpassing Samsung in second quarter 2018, a research report by Counterpoint said.

And now, if the reports are to be believed, the next OnePlus smartphone could feature an all-screen (edge-to-edge) display, gadget news site Tech2 quoted Vikas Agarwal, OnePlus India Head, saying. The smartphone brand held briefing in Mumbai where it spoke to the media about the brand’s plans for India. It also announced plans of starting an R&D facility in the country to help develop better software, keeping its Indian customers in mind.

It is no surprise that OnePlus will be attempting achieve a ‘fullscreen’ display, as its sibling brands Oppo and Vivo have already made a foray into the market with their notch-less Find X and Nex offerings. BBK Electronics is the parent company that owns all three Chinese brands.

The premium smartphone segment – that is, phones priced at Rs.30,000 and above – is growing rapidly in India. And that can be seen by the figures recently published by Counterpoint research. The Indian premium smartphone market grew 19% annually and 10% sequentially during Q2 2018, according to the report. And it was Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus that captured 40% of this market.

Based on the report from Tech2, it will still be a while before the next OnePlus upgrade with ‘full display screen’ is launched. OnePlus, being a brand that wants to deliver the best possible hardware to customers at the lowest price, means that it will take a while and the company has little room to experiment since we have just one smartphone to work with, said Agarwal.