Chinese smartphone brands are immensely popular here in India and now one of the market leaders in the premium phone segment, OnePlus, is planning to introduce an exclusive variant of its upcoming flagship device for American audience. A report by CNET, an American technology news website, spilled details about the Chinese brand’s tie-up with a major US carrier, T-Mobile.

The rumour mill has speculated the October launch of OnePlus 6T for a while now and the CNET report adds that the phone will be launched exclusively with T-Mobile for the US market. That includes a specific version of the OnePlus 6T optimized for T-Mobile’s network, the report says, citing people familiar with the development.

The company, however, will still sell its standard global version that’s unlocked and can be run on either AT&T or T-Mobile, as well as networks overseas. The pricing though still remains a mystery for the most part. The typical route for a phone maker hoping to break into the US market is to work with a carrier, and now it seems that OnePlus has finally ascribed to the popular trope.

Furthermore, the report also claims that the OnePlus 6T will be priced slightly steeper as compared to what we have been seeing on the previous two T-series devices. Reportedly, the smartphone’s price will go up to $550, which is a $20 increase from the OnePlus 6’s price tag.