Google has announced that it has upgraded its Sound Search feature for song recognition to function much faster using AI capabilities, the same kind seen on the Pixel 2. The Mountain View-based tech giant says that it has brought the technology that powers ‘Now Playing’ on Google Pixel phones to all Android phones.

While Now Playing was localised and functioned as an on-device music recognizer, Sound Search will be available in the cloud. It is a server-side system and so will not use up device resources.

As per a blog post by the company, to find out the name of a song using Sound Search, users can give the command is “Hey Google, what’s this song?” followed by the bite of the song. With the latest version of Sound Search, Google says, you’ll get faster, more accurate results than ever before.

Sound Search uses similar technology to that on the Google Pixel 2. However, it has a much larger database. Moreover, to avoid false positive results, Google says that users will have to increase the recognition threshold, which means it would need larger bits of audio to get a confirmed match.

However, accepting the drawbacks Google says that it will attempt to make this feature work even in noisy environments and deliver accurate results. Sound Search is not currently available in India, and Google has remained mum on exactly when it might be available here.