OnePlus 6T officially teased yet again, while the news about the upcoming phone’s case cover being up for pre-orders is still making the rounds. It wouldn’t be enough to stress that OnePlus is doing everything in its capacity to keep the audience engaged in their upcoming flagship. Several teasers over the past week or more have been released by the company flaunting new features of the handset.

In the latest tweet from the company, OnePlus India posted a partial picture of the upcoming phone showcasing the back-cover of the handset. It has ‘designed by OnePlus’ written across along with underbelly speakers and charging point featured in the frame. This is reaffirmation on what is already known that the Chinese phone maker is doing away with the headphone jack. As a result, this time it will be providing earplugs with USB type-C.

Speculations over the launch date are rife currently considering OnePlus is yet to make the launch date public. However, majority media reports and speculations suggest that the OnePlus 6T will see the light of the day on October 17, but this is again a speculation.

OnePlus has a tradition of inviting applications to select a few individuals who get a chance to review the phone ahead of its launch. The last date for that application ends tomorrow. Keeping that in mind, we can safely presume it would be at least another week or more before the official launch.

The latest tweet hints at an ‘exciting announcement’ in coming 24 hours. As launch date is expected to be at least more than a week away, it will be interesting to see what the company has in store for everyone.