As we inch closer to the release date on August 7, rumours carry on to keep the fans on the edge. In a recent leak, detailed specification lists for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series were revealed. The information is in line with the past reports and sheds light on new features the handsets are anticipated to boast.

The latest report by WinFuture displays more shots of Note 10 Plus.

It also supported previous speculations: Removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack and absence of the

microSD slot in Note 10 model.

Evidently, Samsung intends to introduce a major boost in charging speeds. The Galaxy Note 10 series will support charging at up to 45 watts. Note 10 and Note 10 Plus will also sport a 3600 mAh and 4300 mAh battery respectively. The battery-charging combo will likely allow for a much superior and a literally long-lasting experience.

Another notable feature is the introduction of an S-pen with “Air Actions” gestures. The stylus by Samsung will allow the users to use the device by just hovering it over the screen. Apparently, Samsung has integrated the devices with software that would allow the handsets to detect stylus’s hover gestures. All the same, this functionality is available in previous Samsung Galaxy models, so what new changes this model’s air gesture feature will encompass is yet to be seen on August 7.