Sony has announced that it has fixed the issue that reportedly led to PS4 consoles crashing after receiving a malicious message. The news of the fix came as a response to a Twitter comment pointing out the bug. The official PlayStation support account, Ask PlayStation UK, said, “We’ve since fixed the issue”.

The comment from Sony further went on to state that the bug “wasn’t bricking consoles, just sending them into a crash loop”, claiming that the issue “can be quickly fixed in under 5 minutes”. The Japanese manufacturer hasn’t issued an official statement nor has it officially acknowledged the issue.

So how do you fix the issue if you’ve been affected? Sony says that all you need to do is delete the harmful message on your PS mobile app, then go into Safe Mode and use Option 5, and your console will be back to normal.

If you’ve not been affected yet by this exploit, the company advises that you modify your privacy settings and disallow other users from sending you messages. You’ll need to change who can message you to the ‘Friends or No One’ option.

News of the malicious message, which caused a crash loop so bad that some users were reportedly were forced to factory reset their consoles in order to fix it, came to light over the weekend after the issue was shared on Reddit.