Registration for the CBSE class 10 and 12 exams for 2019 is expected to begin soon, even as early as this week. This comes from a report by The Indian Express, which speculates on the CBSE registration 2019, seemingly based on the dates of last year’s CBSE registration, which began on October 17th.

The online registration process will be conducted at the official website, Registration for CBSE classes 9 and 11 has already begun, and the last date for this registration is October 22nd.

An earlier report by NDTV apparently threw light on the exam dates for the CBSE 2019 exam for classes 10 and 12, which is believed to be in February and March 2019. The board 10th and 12th core exams are expected to be conducted in the month of March 2019, as per the report.

Apparently, the registration process for classes 10 and 12 is similar to that for classes 9 and 11, in the sense that an Aadhaar number is not necessary for online registration. Also, even though the online registration has an Aadhaar filed, students can opt to submit their passport number, bank account number or any valid government ID number.