A host of new features are reportedly underway for the popular web messaging platform WhatsApp. According to a report, the Facebook-owned chat application could soon get a bevy of new features including Vacation mode, Linked social media accounts and a Silent mode for improved chatting experience.

Of late, WhatsApp has been regularly receiving updates. These have been related to forwarded messages tag and the delete for everyone feature, and there was talk that the company was planning to monetize the platform with advertisements.

This latest news comes courtesy a report by Wabetainfo, which says that the Vacation mode feature will help improve the archived chat experience. With this new feature, archived chats will not appear on a user’s WhatsApp window, so they will remain as they are, even if a new message is received. This means that if one wants to read the new message, they will have to open the chat manually from the archived chats section.

Now what this would mean for users is that enabling Vacation Mode, muted archived chats won’t be unarchived until you unmute or unarchive them. This feature is reportedly under development at present, and WhatsApp is expected to introduce this feature soon to both iOS and Andriod, the report claims.

The next new WhatsApp feature under development is the Silent mode. It will apparently hide the app badge for muted chats. It is already available and active by default. This new feature hides a notification count on the WhatsApp’s app icon for chats in mute mode.

And lastly, WhatsApp is also planning to add ‘account linking’ support for social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The Linked Accounts option will be located under your Profile Settings. This is an absolutely new development as “the Linked Accounts feature will help the user to recover the password. It will allow to automatically share your status updates in Instagram.”

And, though there are ongoing speculations on a WhatsApp ‘Dark Mode’ – and there has been such speculation for a while now – there’s no confirmation on that yet.