Excited about the OnePlus 6T launch but don’t know where to watch the launch event… or at what time? Here we’re giving you all the details of the OnePlus 6T launch. We’ve also included the OnePlus 6T live stream link, so that you can watch the launch event in New York.

The OnePlus 6T launch in New York is set for 11am EDT on October 29th. However, for viewers in India that translates to 8.30pm today evening. This will be the New York launch; the India launch will be held a day later, on October 30th.

We’ve embedded the OnePlus 6T live stream video below so you can watch directly. If you want to watch the New York unveiling on YouTube, click on this direct link.


Apart from the many leaks surrounding the phone, what we know about the OnePlus 6T is that it will have advancements in photography. However, also expect the device to get some interesting hardware upgrades as well.

Additionally, there will be a Pop-up event held in 9 Indian cities, to being the phone to a wide audience.