Kaun Banega Crorepati, or KBC as it is lovingly called, is in its 10th season. Host Amitabh Bachchan still brings a special feel to the show that started back in 2000. And with everything going digital, fans can also watch the show online. What’s great about KBC 10 is that online audience, too, stands a chance to win prizes. Here are the answers to the latest KBC 10 audience Play Along questions.

Latest question update: Which party, after the Indian National Congress, has contributed the second highest number of Prime Minister of India?

Ans: Janata Dal

Which city was founded in 1411 by Sultan Ahmad Shah?

Ans: Ahmedabad

The first woman to win an Olympic medal for India won her medal in which sport?

Ans: Weightlifting.

Who has scored the most number of centuries in T20 International?

Ans: Rahul Sharma

Who coined the term ‘allopathy’ for the usual practice of medicine in 1842?

Ans: Samuel Hahnemann

Clamshell, candy, and touch screens are all terms associated with which gadget?

Ans: Mobile phones

In which of these tournaments could one-time India’s doubles partner Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa play their sport?

Ans: Premier Badminton League.

Who is the youngest chess player in the history to be ranked world number 1?

Ans: Magnus Carlsen

What were the first names of the Wright brothers who invented first powered aeroplane?

Ans: Wilbur and Orville.

Which is the smallest of the world ocean?

Ans: Arctic ocean.

To which country did the first man in space belong?

Ans: Soviet Union.

Which is the only one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World still in existence?

Ans: The Great Pyramid of Giza

What was the first Nobel Prize category won by an Indian?

Ans: Literature.

According to Hindu mythology, which of these was Lord Vishnu’s conch?

Ans: Panchajanya

Which Mughal emperor conferred the title of ‘Raja’ on Raja Ram Mohan Roy?

Ans: Akbar II

On 7 June 1893, MK Gandhi was thrown out of the train at which station in South Africa?

Ans: Pietermaitzburg

By what name was the Tigress T1, recently shot dead in Maharasthra’s Yavatmal district, popularly known?

Ans: Avni

Who recently became the fifth player in the history to scored a century on both debut and final test?

Ans: Alastair Cook

Which of these political leaders has never been the National President of Bharatiya Janata Party?

Ans: Sushma Swarj

In August 2018, SpiceJet operated India’s first flight using which of these fuels?

Ans: Biofuel

The Super Mario franchise of video games is developed by which company?

Ans: Nintendo

Who among these rulers was an emperor of Kushan dynasty?

Ans: Kanishka

Who was the founder of Peshwa dynasty?

Ans: Balaji Vishwanath

Who was the first chief minister who went on to become the Prime Minister of India?

Ans: Morarji Desai

Which of these leaders started a newspaper named Swaraj in 1921?

Ans: Subhash Chandra Bose

According to Mahabharata, who was the mother of the asuras or demons?

Ans: Diti

India’s highest national recognition for outstanding achievements in the field of adventure is named after which individual?

Ans: Tenzing Norgay

What is the state bird of Jharkhand and national bird of Nepal?

Ans: Himalayan Monal

Which of these leaders has not been a union minister?

Ans: Naveen Jindal

Which of these cities don’t have an IIM?

Ans: Kharagpur

According to the title of Acharya Chatursen’s novel on Amrapali, she is called Nagarvadhu of which of these places?

Ans: Vaishali

What is the full form of MTR?

Ans: Mavalli Tiffin Room

Which monarch was on the English throne when the English East India Company was formed by a royal charter?

Ans: Elizabeth 1

Which of these is common to shuttlers Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu?

Ans: Olympic medals

Which of these personalities was initially buried in Kochi in Kerala before his grave was exhumed and taken to Portugal?

Ans: Vasco da Gama

Which of these states shares its boundary with only one neighbouring country in India?

Ans: Bihar

Which of these universities were founded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1920?

Ans: Gujarat Vidyapith

The year mentioned in which of these Hindi film titles is reference to the year of the Quit India movement?

Ans: 1942: A Love Story

How many India state capitals have ‘Nagar’ in them?

Ans: Three