Coal India Limited plans to fill around 9000 vacancies in both executive and non-executive positions in the near future, reports Economic Times. The hiring will be done through various means like competitive exams, interview, internal hiring among others. The report adds that this will be the biggest recruitment drive by the miner in a decade.

The hiring will be done directly by the Coal India Ltd and by its eight subsidiaries. The role of executive positions is generally filled by the holding company, whereas the workers and the technical employees are hired by the subsidiaries.

“Coal India is recruiting so many executives in a single year in almost a decade in an effort to fill up all the vacancies that have been pending for several years. Last year, we recruited only about 1,200 people,” a senior Coal India executive told ET.

Out of the total 9000 vacancies, 4000 vacancies will be in the executive cadre of which 900 will be filled via advertisement and interview process, 2200 through competitive exams, 400 through campus placements, and through other miscellaneous means, report adds.

The remaining 5000 non-executive positions will be for worker and technical positions of which 2300 positions will be filled based on the company’s policy to recruit members of families whose lands were taken for various projects and around 2350 positions will be filled by hiring family members who died before retiring.

The report adds that Coal India is the second biggest public sector employer in India after Indian Railways. There are around 280,000 employees working for the company of which 18,000 are executive staff.