Mumbai had its birth when the sea between a series of islands was filled in. Not many people realise just how much of the western half of Mumbai is built on reclamations – from Colaba in the south to Mira-Bhayandar up north. But every year, the monsoon reminds the city that a lot of what seems like Mumbai’s solid ground was once water – a place where rainstorms met rivers meeting the sea.

In the final part of this podcast series titled Marine Lines: Mumbai’s Hidden Worlds, from the Suburbs to the Sea, hosted by journalist and author Raghu Karnad, writer Amitav Ghosh, discusses the history of cyclones in the city, the toll climate change will take (on the middle-class especially) and what will happen when “the big one” comes.

This podcast has been co-created by DeadAnt Studio and Ministry of Mumbai’s Magic.