An excess of caution and fear of the pandemic kept me indoors for the most. My phone was of great help, but then there is only so much of swiping up and down (sometimes left and right) that can be done and I returned to my old hobby of gardening.

As a child, I remember waking up early every day to water the plants in the garden in front of the house with my mother. Now, I bought new tubs and flowering plants and dug up some fresh soil from the backyard. By sunset, I had planted a few types of roses, some lilies, hibiscus and even some aloe vera. It felt like a successful day.

Throughout the days of the lockdown, I ordered more plants. Watering them every morning and tending to them became a calming daily routine. It nourished my soul. Though I’ve returned to the fast-paced life of the city again, I’ve managed to fill a couple of flower pots with pixie lilies and hung them on the window grills of my room. All in all, I’m glad the pandemic reunited me with my long-lost hobby.

Credit: Rokibuz Zaman

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