It is a brutal administration dominated by corrupt government officials, contractors and unscrupulous politicians. Only a small section of the Assamese civil society is opposing the evictions (“Why eviction drives in Assam are no longer facing resistance”) and police encounters. The opposition in Assam must come together to displace this government in the next election. Congress must become inclusive to do that. – Apurba Baruah

Fight against leprosy

It is a very good article (“Should India fight leprosy with an antibiotic that might lead to TB drug resistance?”) on leprosy and the government’s irresponsible attitude towards public healthcare. In a way, the government is running away from the simple task of timely detection and instead promoting drugs to benefit pharmaceutical companies with poor people’s lives at stake. I appreciate the person who has put so much effort into gathering all the data and conducting the interviews.

Bail row

This disease is a longer infestation. (“Why is the Bombay High Court staying its own bail orders?”) The bail granted to my brother K Muralidharan, charged under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, on health grounds was stayed by the court for a month and then extended. However, finally the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal against it. – KB Kannampilly

Free rations

Good journalism (“What free food rations hide: A rollback of social security in India”). Keep it up. – Mario Duddu

Byju’s controversy

Byju’s is the most unreliable. They are exploiting and playing with middle class parents (“Worst decision of my life’: Byju’s accused of driving parents into debt with predatory practices”), who dream of a bright future for their kids. – Magalur Muralidhar