Yes, I too visited Kerala recently (“My Kerala Story: Finding liberation in Malabar”). The Kerala Hindu who has his house surrounded on all sides by Kerala Muslims has a funny way of talking about his own Hindu religion. He is so scared that he starts calling his own Hindu gods with names like, non- existent monkey god etc etc. Most of the Kerala Hindus are already lost. – Pratap Kamath


How far the so-called truth (“Readers’ comments: The Kerala Story is ‘not is the real truth”) has been stretched has to be contemplated with more sane minds than those sunk in the quagmire of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh policies. The RSS has always been the divisive force in Hinduism, just as the Taliban/ISIS in Islam. All through history, all over the world, such deviant behaviour has created hatred and bloodshed. It is for the wise to filter the sludge and focus on the good for the betterment of humanity. – Thaj Mohammed Khaleel

Manipur violence

Does it mean that they can burn other’s houses, place of worship and kill people (Readers’ comments: Meitei demand for Scheduled Tribe status ‘logical’, ‘necessary’)? Is it not planned violence? Who taught them and who are behind them? – Prasad EDP


Thank you for such a heartfelt anecdote (In Manipur, a long friendship defies community enmity and strife). Facing the same incident and having the same friends like Angamba, I cannot held my pain back realising how this incident has pushed the divide wider, refusing to leave but with a cruel scar. Still I hope, friendship triumphs misunderstanding, however worse it may have gotten over the past few days. Praying for the families that lost their loved ones and people without a home to return to. May God be at our rescue. – Lenminthang Pulamte