A look back at the past six days.

Valley of 'martyrs': Burhan Wani, like others before him, knew he was going to his death

In the local imagination, the new militancy in South Kashmir is about a doomed struggle against an oppressive state. Read more here.

Lesson from Perumal Murugan verdict: Modi could learn much from Savarkar on sex in ancient India

How did Kunti beget Karna in the Mahabharata? The value of the Madras High Court judgment goes beyond upholding the freedom to deal with taboo subjects. Read more here.

It is not enough for Muslims to say that terrorists misinterpret Islam. Here is what they must do

While societal and political attitudes towards Muslims need a drastic change, they must stop living in denial. Read more here.

1,528 fake encounters in Manipur alone: Why the Supreme Court judgement on AFSPA matters

The interim judgement points out that security forces can be deployed as aid to civil authorities but it cannot be for an indeterminate period. Read more here.

The rise of Burhan and the aftermath of his death show why the status quo in Kashmir is unacceptable

Understanding why the slain militant's story resonated with so many in the Valley holds an important lesson. Read more here.