Let us rewind the past week.

These government schools are more successful than Kota coaching classes at sending students to IITs

Avinash Dongre from Maharashtra got into IIT-Delhi in 2014 after being coached for the engineering entrance test through a programme run by Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. Pankaj Sanodiya from Madhya Pradesh and Satyajit Kumar from Uttar Pradesh also took the Navodaya route to IIT-Delhi. Read more here.

How WhatsApp and Facebook were used to incite a mob to demolish a makeshift mosque in Delhi

In Ambey Enclave, where a mob brought down a makeshift mosque, trouble started when residents started circulating messages seeking support for the demolition job. “How many Hindu warriors are ready for a holy war?” asked Chandan Singh in a Facebook post on June 1. Read more here.

Devices that aid India’s disabled people are already hard to come by. GST will make it worse

Assistive devices and services will be taxed at between 5% and 18% under the Goods and Services Tax, which rolls out on July 1 – demonstrating the government’s apathy to the needs of the disabled and the lack of consultation with them on the tax reform. Read more here.

‘Tubelight’ film review: Salman Khan plays a little boy in a low-wattage Hollywood remake

The year is 1962, the war (the India-China war) is one that India lost, and by the end of Tubelight, it becomes clear that film-maker Kabir Khan and co-writer Parveez Sheikh are going on about another kind of battle – one that is being waged on the idea of India itself. Read more here.

I was a human shield: In Kashmir, India is surrendering its humanity

A soldier grabbed me by the shoulder, set his rifle barrel down on the other and pushed me up the stairs. Room by room I went, wondering if we would be greeted by a burst of fire. It was years before I learnt what we had experienced was a war crime, that we had been used as human shields. Read more here.