1. In the Indian Express, Padmapriya Janakiraman writes that after the Harvey Weinstein revelations, the Indian film industry needs to confront its truths.
  2. In the Hindu, Tabish Khair on digitalisation and the death of politics.
  3. The film, Newton, is modest in its ambitions, it is no “apocalyptic epic about the hell of counter-insurgency in middle India”, but it works, writes Mukul Kesavan in the Telegraph.
  4. With a growing number of people coming of employable age, jobs must be created to spread the benefits of growth, argues Rana Kapoor in the Economic Times.
  5. The veil of silence over domestic violence is slowly being lifted, writes Shriya Mohan in Hindu BLInk.
  6. Burma went through three punishing demonetisations within the space of two decades, writes Ananth Karthikeyan in Mint on Sunday.
  7. Catalans and Spaniards must work out an amicable form of association; the stakes are high, says this editorial in the Observer.
  8. In the New York Times, Theresa Brown protests against the habit of linking breast cancer to femininity.
  9. Stubborn schoolboy tactics have plunged Spain and Catalonia into political crisis, writes Jessica Jones in the Independent.
  10. A new book on Europe’s brutal first encounters with America, during the Little Ice Age, departs from the pageant of success that students are usually taught in the condensed version of early American history, writes Susan Dunn in the New York Review of Books.