There is incontrovertible scientific proof that Charles Darwin was in over his head about evolution. The evidence, resulting from experiments conducted by Vedic scientists, will soon be published in the scientific palm leaf magazine Ved Gyan.

These scientists have studied western science in school and know that apes fall under four broad categories: gorilla, orangutan, chimpanzee and gibbon. They clearly correspond to our four Vedas: Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva.

Also, the western term “homo” is a derivative of the Sanskrit “homa”, so these scientists decided to have a homa performed in front of each of these types of apes. They could not agree about which Veda was suitable to be recited for which type of ape, and had to discuss this at length. They do have scientific discussions, you see. Finally, they decided to be totally scientific and recite all the Vedic hymns during the homa with every type of ape present and to conduct it in all four seasons: summer 1, monsoon, summer 2, and winter

They picked a representative for each of the ape groups, arranged for a homa and got a Vedic expert to recite the Vedas in their presence for a whole season. They also appointed representatives to watch over the apes all the time. These watchmen were to report any conversion into the homo species that these apes attempted. But the only signs of motion they indulged in during this time was moving away from the homa fire, proving they were not interested in any sort of evolution.

It is a sad fact that Darwin did not know Sanskrit, in which case he would not have made his laughable proposition and we would immediately have exposed him to true science and stopped him from making the fruitless trip on the HMS Beagle.

As we know from our epics, monkeys, not to mention eagles, bears and other beasts, conversed with men, but that was in previous yugas – note that yugas are also four in number. This did show that these animals all had the capacity for language, thought to be exclusive to human beings. But in the current, Kali Yuga, no one has heard them speak. Humans, for their part, were created all at once at a specific time, and have remained human, with some beastly exceptions.

The slave mentality of western-looking “scientists” of today is a shame. They should either shed their safe sinecures in bogus institutes or face the wrath of true, Vedic scientists.