By Kala Ramesh

deep in raga –
a sudden applause
startles the singer

no temple bells –
the silence unbroken

darkening sky…
the snake curves
into my path.

(From Haiku and Indian Music, 2007)

By Rajiv Lather

moonless night
a pair of circling nightjars
feed on stars
posh restaurant –
a blind man removes glasses
to inspect the bill
himalayan shrine
a hermit with hash pipe
drifts in clouds

By Paresh Tiwari

longest night…
the taste of sea breeze
and her absence
my son adds his voice
to the rumble
divorce papers…
we end up deleting
the ampersand

By Gautam Nadkarni

sudden rain ­–

umbrellas mushroom

on the street

at home –
only the mosquitoes
for company
morning prayers –
a rain of champak flowers
on the deity

(First published in Shiki Monthly Kukai, 2009; Simply Haiku – Autumn 2008 Issue; and Magnapoets, 2010.)

By Johannes Manjrekar

monsoon clouds –
the ground aflame with
gulmohur blooms
night walk
i slow down
near the jasmine bush
night breeze –
dogs break the softness
of the cricket’s song

By Madhuri Pillai

withered rose
petal by petal
the years fade
weeping willow
barely there
winter breeze
cracked earth
the endless trudge
of a million feet

By Pravat Kumar Padhy

Dog is misspelled
the child discovered
the Great
calendar pages –
between the dates
time escapes
deep dark space
many cosmic townships
with their own light

(From LYNX-Aha Poetry, XXV; The Critical Poet; The Mainichi Daily News)

By Shloka Shankar

winter chill...
the patchwork quilt smells
of memories

(First published on Lilliput Review)

By Geethanjali Rajan

childhood song –
the rhythm of women
threshing grain

By Anitha Varma

dried up puddle…
paper boats

By Ramesh Anand

spring cleaning
the shelves

of boxed grudges
autumn twilight
my parents in silence
on the swing

By K Ramesh

leafless trees –
the sea
visible again.
full moon rise...
the deer trots back
to the forest
slight breeze…
the silent spin of
wooden wind chimes

By Kashinath Karmakar

morning glory –
for a moment I am
the butterfly
this vagabond life –
symmetry in the wings of
a butterfly
vast blue sky –
the freedom that
never was

(First published in tinywords)

By Angelee Deodhar

between us
vapours from the teacups
autumn chill

(First published in Modern Haiku, Volume XXXI: Number 3, Fall 2000)

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