The Mumbai Police keep a close eye not only in every corner of the city but also in every meme-filled crevice of the Internet. On Monday, the city’s guardians proved once again that their social media game is on point when they jumped on the latest trend that has been taking Twitter by storm since early April: the “if you don’t love me at my” meme.

The meme juxtaposes two photos to drive home the time-tested wisdom that those who doesn’t stand by you through tough times do not deserve you at your best. According to reports, the meme first surfaced on March 29, when Twitter user Maddie posted two photos of South Korean pop star Mingyu, of the popular boy band Seventeen.

Soon, Twitter users jumped on the bandwagon with inputs of their own, referencing popular actors and TV shows in their posts. Celebrities and major companies also joined in the fun.

It wasn’t long before the trend reached India and thereby, the Mumbai Police.

After the Mumbai Police threw their hat into the ring, some Twitter users erupted with glee.

Others decided that this was as good a time as any to air grievances about the police’s functioning.

The Mumbai Police’s Twitter handle has regularly amused followers through witty tweets and pop culture references.