Two videos begging to be parodied – one that came out before the era of internet virality and the other at the peak of it – come together in this compilation by PeeingHuman.

The first is the baffling song Exercise from the 1998 Fardeen Khan-starrer Prem Aggan, the lyrical gems of which include the lines “You wanna be healthy, wealthy, sexy, wise – exercise!” and “Girls do it, so do boys”. The second is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s (in)famous video of his morning yoga routine, which he posted as part of a Fitness Challenge on Twitter.


The Modi video, which has inspired many memes and jokes, gets a fitting musical accompaniment in PeeingHuman’s video. To be fair, actress Meghna Kothari’s aerobics in the original video seem a far greater cardiovascular challenge than Modi’s exercise regimen, which involves him lying on a boulder.

The video editor does a decent job syncing the two, even though the beat is a little off. At one point, it is impossible to choose which makes for a better visual – Modi’s pranayam segment or the coordinated panting soundtrack from the song.