Imran Khan claims Pakistan can teach India how to treat its religious minorities “as equal citizens”. That may be debatable. But the neighbouring country’s media might have a few lessons for their Indian counterparts – about how to treat cattle. You see, Indian TV news folks, you don’t have to perennially outrage when speaking for and on behalf of the cow. Amin Hafeez can show you how it is done.

The Geo TV journalist, known for his hilarious reporting, conducted a “respectful” interview with a buffalo in 2016. The video promptly went viral. As noted in its report about the video two years ago, a story must be reported from all sides and attempts should be made to tell it through voices not normally heard. Hafeez did that and then some; he even interpreted the buffalo’s moos. It is time Indian news channels got their act together.


Here’s the transcript:

Hafeez: Foot overbridges are used all over the world to make crossing roads safe. But you might not have seen cows and buffaloes crossing bridges like this ever before. We will introduce you to some cows and buffaloes climbing up and down the stairs to use this overbridge in Lahore. People are surprised seeing them do so in such orderly fashion.

Hafeez to buffalo: You have just climbed down from the bridge. Was it easy or tough?

Buffalo moos.

Hafeez: She is probably trying to say it is not easy for any animal to climb up and down the stairs. It’s tough.

Hafeez has form when it comes to such reporting. His highlights reel includes a clip on the rains in Lahore and another, of recent vintage, showing him riding a donkey as he talks about the old ties between humans and donkeys.