One of the basic tenets of ethical journalism is that a story must be reported from all sides. It should have multiple voices and attempts should be made to tell stories through voices not normally heard.

Here's a reporter for Geo News in Pakistan doing just that. Having discovered that foot-over-bridges on roads without traffic signals are used more by cattle than by humans, correspondent Amin Hafeez decided to ask a few buffaloes in Lahore what they thought of the situation.

A moo in response to the intrepid journalist's question of whether it is easy or difficult to climb the stairs is interpreted thus: "Perhaps the buffalo is saying that going up or climbing down a staircase is a difficult task for any animal." Unfortunately, all the vox pops that follow are from humans, making corroboration difficult.

Hafeez is known for his funny news reports. Here's a compilation.


While the above videos are tongue-in-cheek examples, this is not always the case. In July 2016, a Pakistani TV journalist had reported live from the grave where Abdul Sattar Edhi's body was going to be buried.