A video of a group of shirtless-men, reported to be pilgrims, drinking at the Garh Mukteshwar ghat in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh has gone viral.

Filmed by an onlooker, these supposed “kanwariyas” – devotees of the Hindu god Shiva – can be seen crowded around a scooter with their drinks. At this time of the year, thousands of devotees from around the country set out on a pilgrimage called the kanwar yatra, during which they visit sites across Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh Bihar to fetch water from the river Ganges, as an offering to Shiva.

While speaking to ANI on the incident, Sarvesh Mishra, the ASP of Hapur, said, “The kanwariyas were seen drinking liquor in an area where it is prohibited. It’s illegal. Those people are being identified. Legal action will be taken.”