Indian Air Force and Navy helicopters on Sunday showered flower petals on hospitals across India treating Covid-19 patients, while Indian Air Force planes conducted flypasts as a gesture of gratitude to doctors, nurses and other workers on the frontline fighting the novel coronavirus pandemic.

This gesture was greeted with anger and ridicule by Twitter users, just like Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s request to Indians to bang thalis on March 22 in a similar sign of gratitude and the mass exercise of lighting candles in a demonstration of solidarity on the evening of April 5.

Several Twitter users questioned the need for spending tax money on such spectacles when healthcare workers have been reported to be short of vital personal protection equipment and the stranded migrant workers travelling home in special trains are being made to pay for their trips.

Cartoonists, as always, made a sharp comment on the situation.

Some questioned the point of the PM Cares fund, through which donations to combat the pandemic are being collected.

Someone compared the Modi government’s methods with those of the Chinese government.

An user wondered if the armed forces could be put to use for more practical tasks.

And what about those who have to bear the brunt of such spectacles?