1.   For Hindutva supporters, anyone who resists or transcends the narcissisms of collective identity is categorised “Left”. The label is being applied to anyone who complicates identity claims. That, rather than the secular versus communal divide, is the big chasm in Indian politics, writes PB Mehta in Indian Express. 
  2.   The vague, almost boundless, scope of the ‘unlawful offences” and“terrorist acts” permitted under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act allows for thought crimes to be punished, says Abhinav Sekhri in Article 14. This means that the act of which a person has been accused  is much less significant than the intentions imputed to that person
  3. Over the last 15 years, the government and Central regulatory agencies have systematically made the transition from being external facilitators to becoming decision-makers within institutions of higher education. Mahesh Gopalan argues in The Hindu that it is time the education institutions stood up against this.   
  4. Mukesh Ambani wants to emulate several successful Chinese firms all at once. With huge investments in its pocket, can Reliance take on the big ones in the technology sector? 
  5. In Karachi, violence seems to be the quickest route to a better life. Last week’s investigative reports in the media into three high-profile criminal cases are the latest example, says Arifa Noor in Dawn. 
  6.   The secretive titan behind one of America’s largest poultry companies, who is also one of  President’s top donors, is ruthlessly leveraging the coronavirus crisis – and his vast fortune – to strip workers of protections. Jane Mayer reports in New Yorker on how Donald Trump is helping tycoons exploit the pandemic. 
  7. Astrology, private equity, a $1.1 billion gender discrimination lawsuit, and a precariously built bangle behemoth. Aaron Gell in Marker details the fall of the jewelry giant Alex and Ani.
  8. The American media to claim that believes that Donald Trump is the worst president their country could have to lead them through the Covid-19 pandemic. But Brazilians feel Jair Bolsanro beats Trump by a big margin and this view has become a rage on social media in the country. A Brazilian YouTuber explains why. 
  9.   Creating a vibrant Left ecosystem doesn’t just mean building stronger labour and tenant unions – it means building cultural institutions that value democracy over privatisation and embed themselves in everyday working-class life, argues William Harris in Jacobin. 
  10. Lockets simultaneously display and hide. But does squirreling our love and grief away in a piece of jewelry keep the memories and emotions present for us, or minimize them? Katty Kelleher explores in Longreads.