A look at some of the top reports from Day 9:

Badminton: A BRONZE MEDAL IT IS! PV Sindhu, take a bow.

Badminton, women’s singles final: CHINA CLINCH GOLD! After not finishing on the podium in Rio, a Chinese shuttler back on top in the women’s singles. Chen Yufei clinches a thriller to defeat world No 1 Tai Tzu Ying.

Hockey: Ind 3-1 GBR (FT)
Some quick match statistics. India did not have a PC but they got 3 goals from their 6 shots on goal.

Hockey: Ind 3-1 GBR (FT)
The semi-final line-up is now set.

Hockey: Ind 3-1 GBR (FT)
India are through to the semi-finals. A brilliant match. A professional display. India took their chances. Made it work. They will once again have a chance to go into the gold medal match. It has been a long wait. For the first time since 1980, India will finish among the top 4 – a chance to medal. What hue will it be?

Hockey: Ind 3-1 GBR (Q4)
Into the last minute. 49.4 second left. A referral for a PC.

Hockey: Ind 3-1 GBR (Q4)
1.30 seconds left. India are almost home. India are almost into the semis.

Hockey: Ind 3-1 GBR (Q4)
GOAL!! With 3.25 to play, Hardik Singh flies in to the rescue. A superb goal on the counter. Hardik with the run and then, was alert to strike off the rebound. Wow.

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q4)
India doesn’t have a spare goalkeeper. Sreejesh is just time wasting or really hurting? Either way, breaks GBR’s rhythm a bit.

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q4)
Sreejesh to the rescue again – nice save to his right. Now, 10 players on the pitch... 6 minutes left. Now, the Indian goalkeeper is down. Stoppage in play.

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q4)
Yellow card for Manpreet and a PC for GBR too. As bad as it could get for India. Pressure, pressure, pressure. Down to 9.

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q4)
India are somehow holding on. 7 minutes left. GBR are giving it everything. So much on the line for India.

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q4)
Just under 8 minutes left. GBR with 13 circle penetrations, India with just 6. India just aren’t getting enough of the ball.

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q4)
England are piling on the pressure. The game is being played in India’s half and GBR have another PC. SO. MUCH. PRESSURE.

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q4)
Nothing comes from the PC. 12 mins left in the match. So tight. India would love another goal to just feel more in control again.

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q4)
Sreejesh kicks it behind the back line and GBR have another PC.

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q4)
The final quarter begins. India will be feeling a little nervous now. One goal and the match will be even today. GBR will believe again but what will India do? What tactics will be adopted?

Hockey: Ind 2-1 GBR (Q3)
Two more PCs after the one below and GBR are back in the game. They have the goal in the dying seconds of Q3. Ward gets the goal. (45’)

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (Q3)
With 26.4 seconds left in Q3, GBR have another PC.

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (Q3)
Four minutes left. GBR are going forward more but India’s defence stands strong for now. Very professional display so far.

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (Q3)
The game is opening up a bit now. More end-to-end stuff as GBR look to get a goal. It will open up more gaps in the back too.

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (Q3)
The second half begins with a lovely run from Mandeep down the middle. Nice out ball to Simranjeet but nothing comes out of it.

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (HT)
Q3 all set to begin. India need to just stay true to course. The semi-final is in sight but they must not think about it. India had only three shots in the first half and they scored off two of them.

Time to celebrate Sindhu!! A big tournament player if there ever was one.

Silver 2016 Rio de Janeiro Women's singles
Bronze 2020 Tokyo Women's singles
World Championships
Gold 2019 Basel Women's singles
Silver 2017 Glasgow Women's singles
Silver 2018 Nanjing Women's singles
Bronze 2013 Copenhagen Women's singles
Bronze 2014 Guangzhou Women's singles

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (HT)
Q2 ends. India have the lead and they have been mostly in control. But GBR will come hard at them in the second half and India should reset. It is almost as if the match restarts with inputs from the coach. Mostly, have to like how India have been smart today. They haven’t looked nervous and right from the start, they have had their game on.

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (Q2)
Two minutes left in the quarters. India are cooling down a bit. Haven’t really launched an attack for a while now. England have had 56% of the possession in the match so far.

PV SINDHU WINS THE BRONZE MEDAL! The 26-year-old becomes just the second Indian to win two individual medals at the Olympics! She beats China’s He Bingjiao 21-13, 21-15.

Complete coverage, as it happened

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (Q2)
GBR haven’t threatened the Indian goal for a while. And that is a good thing. India being smart with their possession and not just charging forward blindly.

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (Q2)
This is when India need to make sure they don’t get complacent. One goal and GBR will come right back into the match. Manpreet and Co need to keep doing the right stuff – track back, spread the play and go forward.

Hockey: Ind 2-0 GBR (Q2)
Q2 begins and it begins with a field goal. Lovely turn by Gurjant in the circle and India have a 2-0 lead. Superb start. Even before GBR could settle, India have got a goal. Brilliant.

Hockey: Ind 1-0 GBR (Q1 ends)
Solid start by India. More how they were against Spain than they were against Australia. Tactically astute performance. Dilpreet’s goal the difference and he has looked dangerous each time he has got the ball. Short break before Q2 begins.

Hockey: Ind 1-0 GBR (Q1)
Quick reactions by Sreejesh to keep a deflection out. Ball in from outside the circle and a clever deflection. But danger averted.

Hockey: Ind 1-0 GBR (Q1)
Gurjant thought the ball was flicked up into him and he asked for a referral. But India have lost their referral. Free hit to GBR.

Hockey: Ind 1-0 GBR (Q1)
GOAL! The pitch seems to be playing a little faster. They haven’t watered it as much. GBR messed up just outside their circle, Simranjeet picked it up, found Dilpreet in the circle and we have a lovely finish (7th minute). India are ahead.

Hockey: Ind 0-0 GBR (Q1)
Crucial for India to get Gurjant, Simranpreet and Mandeep involved early. India will need to be more efficient in front of goal and these three are crucial.

Hockey: Ind 0-0 GBR (Q1)
Good referral. No PC. India take it away. Just need to find their rhythm quickly.

Hockey: Ind 0-0 GBR (Q1)
Early PC for GBR. India defend it well but GBR earn another PC. India asked for a referral.

Hockey: India ranked 5th in the world. GBR ranked 7th. India will need to take their chances. Crucial for them. Q1 has begun.

Hockey: National anthems done.

Hockey: It is time. The teams are on the field. We will have the national anthems and then the match will begin.

Hockey: How good was the Indian hockey team’s golden era? Very, very good.

Read all about it HERE

Hockey: There will be pressure on India... this stage is the hurdle they have failed to cross for a long time at the Olympics. They will believe they can beat GBR. They must.

Hockey: The pandemic gave coach Graham Reid the opportunity to rebuild the Indian team. No matches meant more time to practice and we have seen this team come together after the loss against Australia.

Here’s what Reid did – Interview

Badminton, bronze medal match: India’s PV Sindhu is on the court now for her match against He Bingjiao. The winner will earn the bronze medal.

Follow detailed updates HERE

Athletics, Women’s Triple Jump: The final has begun and what a beginning it is. Yulimar Rojas, the only woman to go over 15m this year, has smashed the Olympic record.

Men’s hockey, quarterfinals: Three semifinalists decided... one to go.

Men’s hockey, quarterfinals: World Champions Belgium were trailing at half time but in a clinical second half display to defeat Spain 3-1 and reach the semi-final. Just Belgium things...

Athletics, men’s 100m FINAL START LIST: WHO WOULD HAVE SEEN THIS COMING? Final at 6.20 pm IST.

Men’s hockey, quarterfinals: Belgium remain in the lead with 4th quarter halfway through. But Spain are not going away without giving this a proper go.

Athletics, men’s 100m semifinals: MASSIVE DRAMA! A RIDICULOUS THIRD HEAT! China’s Su Bingitan goes fastest and he makes the pace so fast in that heat that four qualifiers come from this heat and Trayvon Bromell who finished the third best in his heat IS NOT GOING TO THE FINAL.

Athletic’s, men’s 100m semifinals: No Yohan Blake in the final!

Athletic’s, men’s 100m semifinals: The precursor to tonight’s main event is underway. The first of the semifinal see the British sprinter start with a mistake. False start disqualification at the Olympics has got to be one of the most cruel feelings in sport to anyone it happens. You prepare with everything you have for a race and you don’t even get to run it because of a fraction of a second’s digression.

Men’s hockey, quarterfinals: WELL, WELL. Spain are leading 1-0 against Belgium at halftime in the men’s quarterfinal.

Usain Bolt at the Olympics – watch every final from his incredible career at the Games


Tennis men’s singles: The first German player since Steffi Graf to win the tennis singles gold medal. Alexander Zverev.

Ashish Magotra: I want Sindhu to win that bronze but more than that I want this Indian men’s hockey team to make it to the semis. Can’t wait for the match to begin. Reid, Manpreet and Co have been through so much to get to this point. One more win and into the semis.

Zenia D’Cunha: The women’s vault final is over and all I can think of is Rio 2016.... Dipa Karmakar finishing 4th, it was a big, big moment for so many of us!

Athletics: The 100m final is one of the greatest moments at every Games. But in 1988........

Pause, rewind, play: Ben Johnson and the dirtiest race in Olympics history

Fascinating insight from weightlifter Hidylin Diaz, who became Philippines’ first ever Olympic Games Gold medallist: “Weeks before the final, I already trained every Monday at the same time... afternoon, so that my body gets used to it. Same uniform, doing this over and over in my mind and said: ‘Yeah, I’m prepared. I should not doubt myself’,” she said.


Boxing: From sending a record contingent to a campaign to forget (except for Lovlina Borgohain)

There will be greater focus on making Indian boxers mentally stronger for high-pressure events like the Olympics, Boxing Federation of India President Ajay Singh told PTI. An unprecedented nine Indian boxers – five men and four women – made the cut for the shopwiece with Lovlina Borgohain (69kg) securing the lone medal, India’s first in nine years, by advancing to the semifinals.

Handed tricky draws, the men, however, could log just one win – through debutant super heavyweight Satish Kumar – while world no 1 Amit Panghal (52kg) was among those who lost in the opening round. India did not win a medal at the 2016 Olympics where none of the female boxers from the country could even qualify. Only three men had made it to the main draw back then.  

“Definitely it is not what was expected. I feel particularly bad about the defeats of (an injured) Vikas (Krishan) and Amit,” Singh said in a telephonic conversation from Tokyo, there to assess the campaign.

“Then Mary (Kom) lost by the narrowest of margins (in her pre-quarters). So it has been a mixed bag but look at the upside, we got a medal after nine years and it can get better,” he added.

“Postmortems can wait until after we are through with the campaign but I am not in favour of knee jerk reactions. Let’s not discount the last four years. These very men and coaching staff have given us unparalleled achievements, do we ignore all of it for one underwhelming result?” he asked.

“I am very confident that had this group competed in the Olympics as scheduled last year, results would have been much better. Their rhythm was broken by the lockdowns, the momentum was affected.

“We had to ultimately send them abroad because as per the SOP here, they couldn’t even spar with each other because of the health safety protocols and we can’t question that, the cases were simply too high. 

“Now you would say it was same for others too, fair enough but we had a very, very deadly second wave too. The boxers and coaches tested positive as well. So it is not black and white.

“Criticism is welcome but let’s not crucify people. I am going to back this bunch because even when they win, they are taking a hit on their faces and bodies.”

Singh said the focus for him after the Games would be to ensure better mental support to the boxers.

“What I am seeing is that there is talent but we need to be mentally stronger. Olympics is a huge stage. We do have a full-time psychologist with the team but we will try to assess what more can be done. It is a brutal and lonely sport, our job is to ensure support,” he said.

“Last four years have been spectacular, yes this could have gone a lot better but we have certainly reached a level. Of course, there is a long way to go for us to achieve more, we will get there,” he added.

— Report by PTI

Zenia D’Cunha: Alexander Zverev vs Karen Khachanov being the men’s singles gold medal match in 2021 is not something many (or any) anticipated, but here we are. Which big-hitter will be the new Olympics champion?

Tennis: Czech duo Barbora Krejcikova and Katerina Siniakova added the Olympic women’s doubles title to their French Open crown by beating Swiss singles champion Belinda Bencic and Viktorija Golubic in the final. The top seeds edged a tight opening set before racing through the second to win 7-5, 6-1 on their fifth match point.

Krejcikova, who also won the Roland Garros singles trophy earlier this year, and Siniakova had needed deciding tie-breaks in their last three matches, but were dominant against Bencic and Golubic. It is the Czech Republic’s first Olympic gold medal in tennis. Slovak Miloslav Mecir took the singles title for Czechoslovakia on the sport’s return to the Games in 1988.

Golf: And we have our gold medallist in the men’s competition. Shoot-off for third place is still on! USA’s Xander Schauffele has beaten some big names to claim the top position.

Diving: Another 1-2 for China in diving. Since 1988, China have won every single gold medal in the women’s 3m Springboard.

1. Shi Tingmao
2. Wang Han
3. Krysta Palmer

Golf: India’s golfers won’t be finishing on the podium in the men’s competition. Anirban Lahiri finishes tied-43rd, while Udayan Mane ends in the 56th position. Really tight at the top though.

Badminton: Anthony Sinisuka Ginting after losing his semi-final against Chen Long: “I have to think about tomorrow and there will be more hope for me to get a medal. I think Chen Long played differently today than our previous meetings. He tried not to lift the shuttle up too much...”

Heat wave: Japan’s northern Hokkaido region was supposed to offer cooler climes for next week’s Olympic marathons and race walks, but now the area is battling a heatwave.

Olympic organisers moved the two events from Tokyo in 2019, worried that even shifting the start times to dawn would not be enough to keep athletes safe from the heat.

The summer temperatures in Hokkaido’s Sapporo were expected to be kinder – around five or six degrees Celsius cooler than Tokyo, the International Olympic Committee said.

But in the last week, temperatures in Sapporo hit over 34 degrees Celsius (93 degrees Fahrenheit), and they are forecast to hover between maximums of 31 and 34 degrees over the next week, when the race walks and marathons will take place.

Archery: South Korea’s An San was ice-cool as she defied online sexist abuse to seal a hat-trick of gold medals, but the ace archer has been fighting discrimination since she was a child.

Read the FULL STORY here

Cycling: After months without opponents or competition, Tokyo 2020’s track cyclists take to the start line on Monday with almost no idea what to expect.

Britain’s Olympic domination could finally be curtailed but the team that won 12 medals in Rio, including six golds, have a knack of peaking when it matters most.

Last year’s world championships in Berlin anointed Denmark as kings of the team pursuit and the Netherlands as all-powerful in sprints, but those victories came in February 2020. A lot can change in 18 months.

Diving: One of the greatest divers in Olympic history, Greg Louganis was known as ‘Mr Perfect’. He was anything but that.

Read his inspirational story HERE

Hockey: Germany and Australia will meet in the semi-finals of the men’s Hockey competition at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 after winning their respective quarter-finals on a thrilling morning at the Oi Hockey Stadium.

Pool B runners up Germany booked their fifth successive Olympic semi-final appearance with a fine win over Rio 2016 gold medallists Argentina, with exquisite penalty corner goals from Lukas Windfeder (2) and Timm Herzbruch proving to be enough as Die Honamas continue their quest for a fifth Olympic title in men’s hockey.

Germany’s opponents in the semi-finals – which will be played on Tuesday – will be Pool A winners Australia, who were pushed all the way by the Netherlands, who finished fourth in Pool B, before winning a shoot-out in a dramatic second semi-final.

The two remaining men’s quarter-finals – Belgium versus Spain and India versus Great Britain – will take place this evening.

Fencing: Some stunning shots from the arena.

Sometimes, it can all be a blur. Reuters

Badminton, men’s singles semifinal: Chen Long is into his second consecutive men’s singles final. He defeated Anthony Ginting 21-16, 21-11. the result was never really in doubt. Long was always in control, covering the court so well. A commanding performance. He will now take on Viktor Axelsen in the final.

Hockey: India have a chance to get into the semis and secure their best finish at the Olympic Games since 1980. They will be facing GBR in the quarter-final later today.

Year Venue Position
1980  Moscow, Soviet Union GOLD
1984  Los Angeles, United States 5th
1988  Seoul, South Korea 6th
1992  Barcelona, Spain 7th
1996  Atlanta, United States 8th
2000  Sydney, Australia 7th
2004  Athens, Greece 7th
2008  Beijing, China DNQ
2012  London, United Kingdom 12th
2016  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 8th
2020  Tokyo, Japan TBD

Weightlifting: Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard makes her Olympic debut in Tokyo on Monday, with the New Zealander’s historic appearance igniting heated debate on one of sport’s most divisive issues.

Hubbard was born male and competed as a man before transitioning to become a woman in her 30s, taking up the sport again after meeting the International Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines for transgender athletes.

The IOC says she is the first openly transgender woman to compete at the Games, hailing it as a landmark moment for the Olympic movement.

Badminton, men’s singles semifinal: Reigning champion Chen Long takes the opening game against Anthony Ginting. Solid play by the veteran from China.

Boxing: Male boxers will return without a medal from Tokyo. Five men in contention, all five have been knocked out before the semi-finals. A disappointing campaign.

ICYMI: What went wrong for Amit Panghal in shocking first-round exit?

Hockey, men’s quarterfinals: Disastrous shootout for NED, geez. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. Missed all three, the Kookaburras scored all three. And the first men’s SF is set: Australia vs Germany

Badminton, men’s singles semifinal: Viktor Axelsen was pushed in the first game by Kevin Cordon but the Dane holds his unseeded opponent off to win in straight games. A warm embrace at the net! Cordon can still vie for bronze.

Hockey, men’s quarterfinals, AUS 2-2 NED: TIME FOR A SHOOTOUT, FOLKS!

Updates from elsewhere...

Hockey QF: We have a thriller on our hands in the hockey. We are in Q4, the teams are tied 2-2, a place in the semis on the line. Less than 2 mins to go!

Badminton SF: After being so close in the first game at 18-18 one point, Axelsen takes the lead 21-18, 11-6.

Boxing, men’s super heavyweight quarterfinal, IND 0-5 UZB: Satish Kumar bows out in the quarterfinal against the top seed. But that certainly wasn’t the worst performance we have seen from an Indian boxer at these Games.

Boxing, men’s super heavyweight quarterfinal, IND vs UZB, round 2

“Overmatched in all departments but this is an intelligent performance. Not saying he is getting anything out of it, but he is boxing as well as he can”: Commentator about Satish. Still, another 5-0 to the UZB boxer.

Boxing, men’s super heavyweight quarterfinal, IND vs UZB, round 1 5-0 to the top seed

Round 1: Ashish Magotra – The Uzbek’s jab was at work in round 1. Satish Kumar didn’t back away but Jalolov is good on his feet and technically looked better.

Ashish Magotra: Satish Kumar is ready. A heavy underdog. But never say never.

Badminton: Guatemala’s Kevin Cordon (ranked world no 59!) continued his fairytale run at the Tokyo Games to set up a semifinal against Viktor Axelsen. And the semifinal is off to a super close start with Dane leading 11-10! Read about the fairy tale journey here.

Boxing, men’s super heavyweight quarterfinal, IND vs UZB: Coming up next...

Hockey, men’s quarterfinals, AUS 2-1 NED in Q3 :It feels like the Australians are just waiting to be tested so that they can shift gears and unleash. Not long after NED equalised, they have retaken the lead and are all over the Dutch. Wickham with his second goal for the match.

Hockey, men’s quarterfinals, AUS 1-1 NED in Q3: Third quarter begins and Netherlands have equalised!!! A PC Is finally converted by the Dutch, van der WEERDEN nails this one.

Ashish Magotra: India simply has to start making a splash in the Olympic pool. This edition saw a start to the process with swimmers making the Olympic Qualifying Time which ensures automatic qualification for the Olympics. The road is long but so many medals at stake. India’s swimmers are way off the medal pace (they qualified for the first time in Tokyo by achieving the A cutoff). It’s easier to start training individuals than teams. We need to have a programme in place – get something going with Australia or with US universities. Remember how Schooling did it?

Golf, Men’s Individual Stroke Play, Round 4: Anirban Lahiri has slipped further to be placed 45th, from 28th before today’s action began. He is through with 13 holes and has had 5 bogeys. Udayan Mane had finished his 4th round a while back, placed 56th.


She made Olympic history Sunday in helping Australia upset two-time defending champions the United States to soar to the women’s 4x100m relay gold medal Sunday. Their team of Kaylee McKeown, Chelsea Hodges, McKeon, and Cate Campbell touched in a new Olympic record 3mins 51.60secs ahead of the US in 3:51.73 and Canada in 3:52.60. It was McKeon’s seventh medal in Tokyo, a feat no other female swimmer has ever achieved at a single Olympics. 

— (via AFP)

Boxing, men’s superheavyweight quarterfinal, IND vs UZB: Indian boxing’s High Performance Director Santiago Nieva told PTI that the bout coming up for Satish Kumar against Uzebkistan’s top seed Bakhodir Jalolov (reigning world and Asian champion), is not a foregone conclusion. “He is not unbeatable. Although Satish has never won against him but the last time they fought in the India Open, it was split verdict. He ran him close,” Nieva said. Satish is India’s first super heavyweight (+91kg) boxer to compete at the Olympics and is one win (admittedly huge task) away from assuring a medal. Bout scheduled for 9.36 am.

Hockey, men’s quarterfinals, AUS 1-0 NED: Nice fast start to the second quarterfinal as the dominant Australians take on Netherlands. Germany awaits the winner in the semifinal. Tom Wickham, right time, right place and all that, puts Australia in the lead. But as the commentators pointed out, Netherlands certainly created a whole lot of openings. Five PCs not converted against the Aussies could prove costly though. It probably already has.

Boxing, men’s superheavyweight quarterfinal: There have been doubts over Satish Kumar’s fitness for this bout but the indications from Tokyo are that he will be OK to fight. India’s first super heavyweight (+91kg) boxer to compete at the Olympics, Satish eased into the quarterfinals of his debut Games defeating Jamaica’s Ricardo Brown. Up today for Satish is Uzebkistan’s Bakhodir Jalolov, the reigning world and Asian champion.

Ashish Magotra: 5 golds for Caeleb Dressel across the six events he took part in. Just wow.

- 50m freestyle (OR)
- 100m butterfly (WR)
- 100m freestyle
- Men’s 4x100m relay
- Men’s 4x100m medley relay (WR)

Swimming: WORLD RECORD ALERT! USA smash the world record to win men’s Olympic 4x100m medley relay. A time of 3:26.78, smashing the previous best (also USA) of 3:27.28 set in 2009.

India's remaining events on Sunday

Sport  Time (IST) Event Medal event?  Venue
Boxing 9:36 Men's Super Heavy (+91kg) Quarterfinal 1 Satish Kumar vs UZB JALOLOV Bakhodir Win assures medal Kokugikan Arena
Hockey 17:30 Men's Quarter-final India vs Great Britain No Oi Hockey Stadium - North Pitch
Badminton 17:00 Women's Singles Bronze Medal Match PV Sindhu v He Bing Jao Yes Musashino Forest Sport Plaza BDM Court 1

Hockey, men’s quarterfinals, GER 3-1 ARG: Defending champions are out! In men’s hockey, the quarterfinals start with Rio 2016 gold medallists Argentina bowing out. Germany put on a Penalty Corner masterclass, scoring 3 from 4! First team into the semis. Plenty of tears being shed from the Argentine camp. Their title defence never really got going.

Hockey, men’s quarterfinal, GER 3-1 ARG in Q4: Argentina are not letting this go without a fight, thrilling finish but the title defence is nearly over.

Wrestling action begins in Tokyo but the Indians are not in action for a couple of days. Rough schedule for the Indian contingent here.

Hockey, men’s quarterfinal, GER 3-1 ARG in Q4: Have we spoken too soon? Argentina pull one back... and it is again a PC that has resulted in a goal. The champions are trying to pump themselves up.

Swimming stars shining, records tumbling!

America’s Caeleb Dressel claimed his fourth Tokyo gold when he earned the world’s fastest swimmer title with an Olympic record 21.07 seconds in the 50m freestyle final. The world record-holder was untouchable, hitting the wall ahead of France’s Florent Manaudou (21.55) and Brazilian Bruno Fratus (21.57).

Australian Emma McKeon swept to her third Tokyo gold and sixth medal overall when she dipped below the magic 24-second mark to win the women’s 50m freestyle title. The 27-year-old hit the wall in a new Olympic-record time of 23.81 ahead of Swedish world record-holder Sarah Sjostrom (24.07) and Denmark’s Pernille Blume (24.21).

Hockey, men’s quarterfinal, GER 3-0 ARG in Q4: GERMANY ARE GOING TO THE SEMIFINALS! (Well, there is time but surely a 3-0 lead is too much with 12 mins to go) Lukas Windfeder with yet another drag flick from a PC that is nailed on in execution.

Hockey, men’s quarterfinal, GER 2-0 ARG in Q3: WOW. That is a spectacular PC variation from Germany. A back-flick while shaping for the drag flick and then they work the ball into the net leaving the Argentine defence in all sorts of confusion. SENSATIONAL.

Golf, Men’s Individual Stroke Play, Round 4: Not a good start to the round for Anirban Lahiri either who has two bogeys in the first four holes of round four has slipped significantly down the leaderboard, from 28th to 39th. The medals get decided today and it is an incredibly tight battle at the top.

Golf, Men’s Individual Stroke Play, Round 4: Udayan Mane has finished the first 11 holes in his fourth round. Could manage just the one birdie and had three bogeys. Rest par.

Hockey, men’s quarterfinal, GER 1-0 ARG at half time: Lukas Windfeder’s goal gives Germany the lead at half time in what was a cagey half of hockey. Very few chances (just two attempts each) but Germany won’t mind this. Argentina, who just about got into the quarters with a win against NZ, need to turn this around to keep their title defence going.

QFs lineup men's hockey

Time Matches Venue
6:00 Men's Quarter-final 1 GER vs ARG Oi Hockey Stadium - North Pitch
8:30 Men's Quarter-final 2 AUS vs NED Oi Hockey Stadium - North Pitch
15:00 Men's Quarter-final 3 BEL vs ESP Oi Hockey Stadium - North Pitch
17:30 Men's Quarter-final 4 IND vs GBR Oi Hockey Stadium - North Pitch

Hockey, men’s quarterfinal: GER vs ARG men’s quarterfinal has kickstarted the knockout rounds. India face Great Britain in the fourth quarterfinal later in the day.

Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Individual: “Very skillful riding, we are going to see a lot more of this man,” said the commentators as Fouaad Mirza finished the course. We will keep you posted through the day about his position on the standings. Plenty more athletes still to compete in Cross Country stage.

Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Individual: The delay in completing the course saw Mirza incur a time penalty of 11.20 for Cross Country stage (the current leader has 0.00 for this stage, lower the better of course) based on going over the allotted time for the course. After a spectacular Dressage round (he was 9th), Mirza is still placed at 12th among 25 athletes to have completed both stages.

Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Individual: 7 minutes 45 seconds is the optimum time to not incur time penalties and the commentators tell us Mirza is running a bit slow there to keep his top 10 position.

Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Individual: Mirza is listed as “Clear” for the first 10 fences with no penalties there yet.

Equestrian Eventing Cross Country Individual: Fouaad Mirza, one of the top 10 finishers after Dressage, is delayed for the Cross Country, we are told by the commentators.

Equestrian, Eventing: 

Eventing is often described as an equestrian triathlon. It is a discipline where each competition is composed of a Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country test to determine the final score. Horse and athlete combinations take part in Olympic Eventing, with both team and individual competitions running concurrently. All horse and athlete combinations compete in the three rounds Dressage (completed), Cross Country (now underway) and Jumping). These rounds determine the team medals but also define the start list for the individual final, with the 25 best combinations then taking part in a second Jumping test to crown the individual medallists.

— via Olympics.com

DID YOU KNOW: There are three Equestrian disciplines, with men and women competing on equal terms in Dressage, Eventing and Jumping in both team and individual competitions. German riders topped the medal table at Rio 2016 with six: two gold, two silver and two bronze.

Equestrian, cross country stage: Competitors are in action in the cross country stage after the dressage round came to a close on Saturday. India’s Fouaad Mirza was placed 9th, he will now begin this stage with Seigneur Medicott soon.

Tokyo 2020, equestrian: India’s Fouaad Mirza in ninth place after dressage round

05.10 am: It’s not the most jam-packed day for Indian athletes at the Tokyo Olympic Games but a couple of big ticket events to look forward to. Of course, athletics action all day plus some exciting hockey matches even before India’s quarterfinal against Great Britain at the business end. It is the Olympics after all, there is no shortage of action.

And if you are looking for a non-Indian reason to tune into the Olympics on Sunday morning, Guatemala’s Kevin Cordon takes on Viktor Axelsen at 930 am in the men’s singles semifinal. It is unlikely to be a nail-biter but what a fantastic story.

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