After the three ODIs, the multi-format series stands at 4-2 in Australia’s favour. Next up – India’s first-ever pink-ball Test match, starting Thursday. Stay tuned for all the coverage of Australia vs India here. Leaving you with the winning runs and this wholesome moment after.

What a win for India – truly memorable for being their highest-ever chase in ODI cricket and the significance of ending Australia’s unbeaten streak. India started the streak, and fittingly India end it after 26 matches.

A true team effort built on the youngsters standing tall, again: Yastika Bhatia batting like a veteran in her debut series, Sneh Rana, who was dropped for the second ODI for no fault of her own, coming good much lower down, Shafali Verma being the senior partner at the top, Pooja Vastrakar stepping up with the ball despite dropped catches....
Even as chase-mode India and Australia’s extras paper over some of the cracks, it is still a moment be celebrated.

But despite the loss, what an effort from Australia, who had many setbacks of their own, including not having a full-strength squad. The undisputed best team in world cricket!

Player of the Match – Jhulan Goswami.
No surprises there as the 38-year-old was at the heart of the match from the first ball to the last. A stunning opening spell, figures of 10-2-37-3 and hitting the winning runs.
On Friday, she bowled a no ball as India lost a last-ball thriller. On Sunday, she wins the match with bat and ball. Jhulan Goswami, starring in Indian cricket’s biggest moments for more than 20 years now!

Third ball – FOUR! INDIA WIN!
India have done it, Australia’s unbeaten run in 26 straight ODIs is over. Jhulan Goswami hits the winning runs, India win by 2 wickets with 3 balls to spare!

Final over, Sophie Molineux has the ball, 4 needed to win.
First ball – no run
Second ball – Meghna Singh takes a single.

WICKET! Sneh Rana is out on 30 off 27.
Nicola Carey has more than made for that no ball, she gets the BIG WICKET as Sneh Rana walks back after single handedly bringing India alive. A bit of a soft dismissal, her pull attempt finding the fielder. India need 4 runs off the final 6 balls, Meghna Singh and Jhulan Goswami on crease.

India 257/7after 48 overs, need 8 runs in 12 balls.
Molineux bowls a superb over under pressure and strapping, giving away just 2 runs.

India 255/7 after 47 overs, need 10 runs in 18 balls.
Back-to-back-to-back boundaries! Sneh Rana keeps India ALIVE! First a lovely boundary through fine leg on the fourth ball. On the fifth, she guides the ball uppishly through third, the sixth is lofted through mid-off. 14 runs and a wicket off the McGrath over.

WICKET! Deepti Sharma is out on 31 off 30 balls.
Tahlia McGrath is back into the attack and breaks this stand on 33 (35 balls). Nicola Carey makes up for the no ball with a good catch at backward point! Jhulan Goswami is the new bat in.

India 241/6 after 46 overs.
We have no-ball drama again at death again!
A boundary in the over keeps the required run rate in check.... till Sneh Rana holes it out caught and bowled on the final ball. But, but Nicola Carey has overstepped and she gets another lifeline. A free hit brings a single and brings the equation to 24 runs off 24 balls.

India 232/6 after 45 overs.
Left-arm spinner Molineux, with her face strapped, steps up to bowl. Rana and Sharma are putting up a good rearguard effort, with their partnership now worth 24 off 25 balls. Rana get two extra lives as an admittedly tough, caught & bowled chance is missed and then Carey drops her off the last ball of the over.

India 219/6 after 43 overs.
Nicola Carey and Ash Gardner back into the attack from either ends. The scoring rate is close to 7 now.

Update: Sophie Molineux is back on field with a heavy strapping on her face. She has three overs left to bowl, before she was hit by the ball.

WICKET! Mithali Raj is out on 16 off 28.
Mithali Raj comes down the track to take a swing and is bowled – now that’s not a sight we see often. Annabel Sutherland starts off the 41st over with the big Indian wicket left. Sneh Rana joins fellow off-spinning all-rounder Deepti Sharma on crease. India 210/6 after 41 overs.

India 203/5 after 40 overs
Deepti Sharma is the new bat in and has hit Campbell for two commanding boundaries in the 40th over. 10 overs to go, 62 runs needed to win and we are in for what promises to be a thrilling finish.

Another injury for Australia! Bowler Sophie Molineux is hit in the face while trying to collect the ball and is bleeding. That looks nasty, she’s off the field for now.

WICKET! Pooja Vastrakar is out on 3 off 14.
Bowled her! Pooja Vastrakar swings and Annabel Sutherland knocks back stumps through the gate. That’s half the side back in the dug-out now. Australia fightback is all but complete.

India 192/4 after 38 overs
A SIX from Mithali Raj eases the pressure a bit but the scoring rate has inched over 6 runs per over. Not good signs at all.

India 183/4 after 36 overs
Pooja Vastrakar is the bat in, with the required run rate inching close to 6. Australia has squeezed it tight with the three quick wickets.

WICKET! Yastika Bhatia is out on 64 off 69.
Oh dear, the set batter is our right after a wonderful stroke for a boundary. It takes a splendid effort from substitute fielder Molly Strano in the deep to dismiss her and Stella Campbell gets her first ODI wicket. Bhatia pulls it fine but the fielder runs in from fine leg for a low, diving catch. Not many would have caught that but this is Australia, on a 26-match winning streak. India 180/4 after 34 overs

Mithali Raj, the veteran of managing run chases, on crease with set batter Yastika Bhatia.

WICKET! Richa Ghosh is out on 4.
So that gamble of promoting the keeper was... short lived. Annabel Sutherland with the dismissal, a tame one by all standards as the 17-year-old flicks it straight to the fielder at mid-wicket.
The momentum has completely changed now with two quick wickets, India 166/3 after 31 overs.

WICKET! Shafali Verma is out on 56 off 91.
Sophie Molineux breaks the partnership just as it crosses the 100-run mark (101 off 114) The 17-year-old is bowled, missing the ball completely. Something had to give as it was becoming increasingly evident that she’s struggling and the the fifty didn’t seem to bring in a new lease of life.
Richa Ghosh promoted to No 4, is the new bat in. India 160/2 after 30 overs, need 105 from 120 balls.

Another injury update, Beth Mooney is off field as well.

FIFTY for Yastika Bhatia!
Playing her debut series, it’s her FIRST ODI FIFTY as well. She gets there in 56 balls, the aggressor in this chase. The 21-year-old was a bit of a gamble at No 3 when more experienced players were on the bench, but she has repaid the faith and how!

FIFTY for Shafali Verma!
It’s the FIRST ODI FIFTY for the 17-year-old and what a time to get there, leading India’s chase as the senior partner. The opener gets there off 86 balls.

India 150/1 after 27 overs
Boundaries coming every over now! Tahlia McGrath comes back into the attack and goes for 11 runs, with the wide ball going for four continuing to pile on the runs in the extra column. Both Verma and Bhatia on 49 runs, the 250 up for India.

India 131/1 after 25 overs, need 134 runs off 150 balls
India are placed well at the halfway mark in the chase, with less than 6 needed per over.
Verma and Bhatia have done well to keep the scoreboard ticking with their running and have gotten a boundary in each of the last three overs. The partnership is worth 72 off 87 now and looking good. Verma has even got a lifeline, with a rare dropped catch in the field.

India 110/1 after 22 overs
The 50-run partnership comes up between Shafali Verma and Yastika Bhatia, 51 off 71 balls. A very crucial stand for India as the opener moves into the 40s, playing a controlled innings after her senior partner was out early.

India 105/1 after 21 overs
Nicola Carey comes into the attack as the spin-seam combination continues. Four runs off her first over.

India 101/1 after 20 overs
The 100 comes up for India in the 20th over, as Shafali Verma and Yastika Bhatia are stitching together a handy stand. (41 off 56 as of now) Both are going for the shots, especially against the spin of Gardner. Molineux has come in for Campbell from the other end.

Injury update: Rachael Haynes is off the field with what is a hamstring injury, announce the commentators. She had also missed the second ODI after sustaining an injury during training.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it early in the morning India time, the first Indian recruits have been signed up for the Women’s Big Bash League.

Women’s Big Bash League: Smriti Mandhana, Deepti Sharma sign for Sydney Thunder

India 77/1 after 16 overs
A fascinating battle between Shafali Verma and Stella Campbell is underway and that 16th over was spicy. Ends with a coolly slammed boundary through mid-off, but a couple of sharp shooters from the pacer got her uncomfortably placed before.

India 73/1 after 15 overs
Gardner’s spin and Campbell’s pace doing a good job of keeping the run rate low. But Bhatia breaks the shackles, briefly, for a classic lofted boundary through mid-off against Gardner.

India 64/1 after 12 overs
Pacer Stella Campbell, making her debut, into the attack after spin does breaks the opening stand. Four runs off the over as the difference in both teams’ athleticism is highlighted again – in fielding and running between the wickets.

WICKET! Smriti Mandhana is out on 22 off 25.
Ash Gardner comes into the attack and strikes in her first over, breaking the opening stand. Mandhana comes down the track against the off-spinner but doesn’t get the right power under it as it sails over mid-off. A superb catch from Sutherland, who ran back into the deep, kept her eyes on the ball and dived to collect it without fault. The difference between the two sides’ fielding efforts being seen very early.
Yastika Bhatia the new bat in. India 60/1 after 11 overs

India 55/0 after 10 overs.
There comes the change in bowling. Left arm orthodox spinner Sophie Molineux comes into the attack and starts off with a maiden that has already produced a couple of chances. We could call that a mixed Powerplay at best.

India 55/0 after 9 overs.
The 50 comes up for India in the ninth over, courtesy a wide ball that runs off to the boundary. Another wide–ish ball is played fine with Mandhana to make it a very good over with 11 runs off it.
Perry has really struggled with the new ball, but it’s an advantage for the Indian opening stand, which has put up a second straight 50-run partnership.

India 44/0 after 8 overs.
A boundary after what seems like a long time! The fielder almost saves it... but Mandhana has played that well and gets the runs.

India 37/0 after 7 overs.
And the scoring rate has been pegged back! Just 3 runs in the last two overs, very good comeback from Perry.

India 34/0 after 5 overs.
Much better couple of overs from Australia’s perspective, despite the extras coming. But the run rate is good thanks to the two big overs.
Yastika Bhatia seen shadow batting on the sidelines, so it may be assumed she’s the No 3 bat today.

India 25/0 after 3 overs.
Perry’s unfortunate start with the new ball continues for the third straight match! Her second over goes for 15 runs – 5 wides, 4 byes, and an edge that falls short of the fielders and runs to the boundary.

India 10/0 after 2 overs.
Perry starts with just one wide off the first over but Shafali Verma gets off the mark with a boundary as McGrath goes for 9 in her wayward opening over; her first with the new ball for Australia.

Time for India’s chase. Needing 264 to win, India will need their highest ever second innings total in ODIs to get there.

Australia finish on 264/9.
India have a tough chase on their hands, their highest ever in a win. Mithali Raj and Co need to regroup quickly after the latter part of the first innings felt like a battering ram against their morale with the batters onslaught and misfields.

Shafali Verma has a lot to make up for on the field, and one hopes she takes that aggression out with the bat. Smriti Mandhana was sublime in the last match and will aim to continue that, this time in the chase.
Join us in a bit for the chase.

WICKET! Annabel Sutherland out on first-ball duck.
Jhulan Goswami adds to her historic ODI numbers with a third wicket of the match, as Deepti Sharma holds on to a good catch at mid-wicket. Good to have a straightforward piece of fielding when the batter miscues and offers a simple catch.

WICKET! Tahlia McGrath is out on 47 off 32.
The 250 comes up for Australia at the start of the 49th over. The misfields keep coming for India. But, here comes a wicket as well, after back-to-back boundaries off Vastrakar. But McGrath has done the job fabulously, her blistering knock taking Australia to their proposed target and beyond. Australia 260/7 after 49 overs.

Australia 243/6 after 47 overs.
DROPPED. Nicola Carey gets the gift this time, as her top edge, a catching-practice-worthy chance, is put down by Shafali Verma. Misfields and runs through gaps still on too. The ‘240-250’ that Haynes said will be competitive in these conditions has been achieved.

WICKET! Ash Gardner is out on 67 off 62.
For real, this time. Garnder swings and hits it straight to Mithali Raj, who had positioned herself at short fine leg. She doesn’t drop it and has a grin as she gets a catch in an unlikely spot. But something had to stick, right? Pooja Vastrakar has her second wicket as India can finally breathe just a little easy. Nicola Carey is the new bat in. Australia 225/6 after 45 overs.

WICKE.... Dropped!
This might be the worst of the lot today as keeper Richa Ghosh spills a simple, high catch from a Gardner slog off Gayakwad that is usually only offered during warm-up sessions. Perhaps it’s contagious, the misfielding? The first ball of the over was a gifted boundary, right after a tight over from Vastrakar. Australia 220/5 after 44 overs.

Australia 208/5 after 42 overs
Australia lost a big wicket but the scores of the next two overs don’t reflect that at all. 10 runs off Gayakwad, 13 runs off Rana as McGrath picks up from where Mooney left off. We have already cried ourselves hoarse talking about how deep Australia bat, but just look at the No 7 come in and hit. Good chance for Gardner to go big after a long time too.

FIFTY for Ash Gardner! FIFTY for Beth Mooney! WICKET!
Boundaries. Misfields. Mooney and Gardner piling on the runs. SIX. HALF-CENTURY. BOWLED. It’s all happening in the 40th over!
First, Gardner wins the race to half-century with a thumping six. Mooney gets to her milestone with a boundary couple of balls later. Also 3000 ODI runs.
Last ball and Rana knocks over Mooney’s stumps, finally getting her out in this series and breaking the stand that had turned ominous.
With 10 overs to go, the Aussies have set themselves a wonderful platform... With Tahlia McGrath, anchor of the last match, in and Gardner set in. Big test for Indian bowlers coming up. Australia 185/5 after 40 overs

Australia 163/4 after 38 overs.
Beth Mooney is DROPPED again! This time, a simple return catch for bowler Sneh Rana She adds insult to injury, with back-to-back boundaries on the last two balls of the over, aided by a misfield. Mooney moves to 46 with 8 runs off the over, she loves batting against India!

Australia 148/4 after 36 overs.
Jhulan Goswami back into the attack after the successful opening spell and gives away 2 lose balls for 5 runs. Sneh Rana, from the other end, bowls a poor one after a maiden and goes for 13 runs. That’s also the 50-run stand between Beth Mooney and Ash Gardner, which is now worth 61 off 70 balls.

Australia 130/4 after 34 overs.

DROPPED! You don’t drop Beth Mooney... not when she is building up a very good partnership. Meghna Singh spills an easy chance and India will hope there won’t be a very heavy price to pay as last match’s centurion settles in firm.
Runs wise, good couple of overs from Gayakwad (2 runs) and Rana (maiden)

Australia 128/4 after 32 overs.
Rajeshwari Gayakwad back into the attack as Mithali Raj rotates her bowlers well to not let the batters settle. A good over for Australia follows, with 7 runs off Singh and a cracking boundary from Gardner. The partnership is now worth 41 off 45.

Australia 117/4 after 30 overs.
Meghna Singh back into the attack, after a much neater over from Vastrakar. Rachael Haynes, on the headset, says Australia are aiming for 240-250 which will be “really competitive” in the conditions.

Meanwhile, here’s Deepti Sharma’s sendoff to Ellyse Perry. Interesting!

Meanwhile, former Australia player Lisa Sthalekar makes some very important points of Indian women’s cricket – the domestic planning the lack of explanation in selection calls, the musical chairs for pacers, even series timing.

Australia 107/4 after 28 overs.
Ash Gardner is the new bat in. The 100 comes up for Australia in the 28th over, after finally getting a big, 9-run over courtesy a wayward Vastrakar after the wicket. An 8-run over from Sharma follows as Mooney and Gardner inject the momentum into the innings.

Wicket! Ellyse Perry is out on 26 off 47

Pooja Vastrakar breaks the partnership before it can properly settle in to rebuild. The star Aussie all-rounder’s poor run of form in this series continues as she is dismissed, quite tamely. Slashes at a short and wide delivery, virtually offering catching practice to Deepti Sharma at backward point. Australia 87/4 after 25 overs.

Australia 81/3 after 23 overs.
Pacer Pooja Vastrakar comes into the attack and bowls a couple of tight overs in tandem with Deepti Sharma. Building pressure.

Australia 74/3 after 20 overs.
Beth Mooney, star centurion of the second ODI, is in at No 4.

Deepti Sharma comes into the attack and Perry smacks her for a boundary on the first ball to release some of the pressure building up.

WICKET! Alyssa Healy is out on 35 off 47.
The opener is run out at the non-striker’s end, a brutal way to go after getting set in. She had almost been dismissed off the previous delivery but the ball fell short. This time, Perry hits straight through bowler Gayakwad’s hands and it deflects onto the stumps. Healy, backing up, knows she’s out and walks off before the third umpire can confirm. Australia 63/3 after 18 overs.

Australia 53/2 after 15 overs

Sneh Rana comes in as India go for spin from both ends. Healy and Perry being cautious after the two quick wickets. The 50 comes up in the 14th over.

Jhulan Goswami’s opening spell – 6-2-15-2 with the wickets of Rachael Haynes & Meg Lanning (on a duck!) This just a day after the last-gasp no-ball that saw Australia win the dramatic 2nd ODI. The 38-year-old pacer is inarguably India’s biggest and most important constant!

Australia 45/2 after 12 overs

Four runs off the Gayakwad over as Australia restart after three straight maidens. Ellyse Perry gets off the mark and will be looking to get some runs in this series.

STAT ALERT: This is Sixth duck for Lanning in ODIs and Goswami becomes the only bowler to do it twice. The first? Oh, that peach from the 2017 World Cup semi-final, of course!

Australia 41/2 after 10 overs

Spin comes in the 10th over and Rajeshwari Gayakwad bowls a second straight maiden for India. After 8 overs going Australia’s way, the last two make it India’s Powerplay.

WICKET! Meg Lanning is out on 0 off 4.

A DOUBLE-WICKET MAIDEN for Goswami! as the Australian captain is dismissed on a duck – not a sight seen often. The Indian bowls a perfect line and induces an edge that is taken by keeper Richa Ghosh with a neat little diving catch. A terrific ninth over, Australia 41/2.

WICKET! Rachael Haynes is out on 13 off 28.
Jhulan Goswami strikes, gets her reward for the very good opening spell as she breaks the opening stand right after a big over. Haynes goes for a big swing but has no control over the shot and ends up holing out a high and easy catch for Shafali Verma at mid-off.
Meg Lanning is the new bat in.

Australia 41/0 after 8 overs

There comes the big Powerplay over for Australia! Three boundaries and 13 runs as Meghna Singh is put under the pump by the openers looking to up the ante.

Australia 28/0 after 7 overs

A boundary on the last ball of the last two overs as Healy and Haynes impose after five very good balls from Singh and Goswami.

Australia 17/0 after 5 overs

Very tidy and tight couple of overs from the Indian pacers... Till an edge off Healy races through the slips for a boundary.

Meanwhile, some great news for Indian cricket. Smriti Mandhana and Deepti Sharma have been signed by Sydney Thunder for the Women’s Big Bash League. Will be crucial experience, as we all know.

Australia 11/0 after 2 overs

Meghna Singh from the other end. The newcomer has got to play all three ODIs, a good sign for her but not as much for Shikha Pandey on the bench.
Haynes gets a boundary in this over as well, 7 runs coming off it.

In case you’re wondering how deep Australia bat....

Australia 4/0 after 1 over

Jhulan Goswami with the new ball, against Alyssa Healy & Rachael Haynes. It is Haynes, returning from injury, that sets the tone with a boundary off the second ball. But that’s the only runs they get off the veteran.... whose last over featured the dramatic no-ball one.

Stella Campbell, a 19-year-old pacer, receives her ODI cap from her Sydney Sixers team-mate Ellyse Perry. Read more about her here

Stella Campbell, 19, hopeful of ODI debut after good show in warm-up game


India bring in off-spinning all-rounder Sneh Rana for leg spinner Poonam Yadav. For Australia, Rachael Haynes returns from injury, Annabel Sutherland comes in and Stella Campbell makes her debut ODI while injured Georgia Wareham and other young pacers Darcie Brown and Hannah Darlington are rested.


India: Shafali Verma, Smriti Mandhana, Yastika Bhatia, Mithali Raj (capt), Deepti Sharma, Richa Ghosh (wk), Pooja Vastrakar, Jhulan Goswami, Meghna Singh, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Sneh Rana.

Australia: Rachael Haynes, Alyssa Healy (wk), Meg Lanning (capt), Ellyse Perry, Beth Mooney, Ashleigh Gardner, Tahlia McGrath, Nicola Carey, Annabel Sutherland, Sophie Molineux, Stella Campbell

TOSS TIME: Australia have won the toss, again, and Meg Lanning has chosen to bat first this time.

05.00 am: Hello all and welcome to the live coverage of the third and final One Day International on India’s tour of Australia. The hosts, in case you had not heard, have not lost a match since October 2017 and their win streak almost came to an end in the second match on Friday. Normally, a 2-0 scoreline in a three-match series would mean little interest in the third. But this is a multi-format series with points at stake for every match. And there is a World Cup on the horizon. And oh, the small matter of the 26-match win streak.

No ball aside, Mithali Raj and Co must look at their own failings in second ODI