Defending champions India, albeit with an inexperienced squad, missed out on a place in the Asia Cup 2022 Final after playing out a thrilling 4-4 draw against Korea at the GBK Sports Complex Hockey Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia on Tuesday. With Korea and Malaysia leading on goal difference in the Super 4s Pool Table, India needed to win the match to reach the Final. The contest went right down to the wire with India giving a tough fight till the final whistle. Nilam Sanjeep Xess (9’), Maninder Singh (21’), Sheshe Gowda BM (22’), and Mareeswaran Shakthivel (37’) scored the goals for India, while Jang Jonghyun (13’), Ji Woo Cheon (18’), Kim Jung Hoo (28’), and Jung Manjae (44’) scored the goals for Korea in the tight contest. India will now challenge Japan in the bronze-medal match on Wednesday.

India vs Japan bronze medal match at 1430 IST on Wednesday.

MATCH RESULT: India fought hard in search for a win, but Korea held on in a high-scoring match that finished 4-4. A draw sees Malaysia, India and Korea finish on 5 points in Super 4s but on Goal Difference, Malaysia and Korea qualify for final. India will take on Japan for bronze.

FULL TIME, India 4-4 Korea: India got past group stage after an epic 16-0 win on goal difference. But miss out on a place in final after a 4-4 draw, once again on GD. Heartbreak, perhaps, but a superb fight in the last 3 matches. Bronze playoff vs JPN. Sheshe Gowda is player of the match and he refers to the cards that resulted in the goals not long after. An area to work on for sure.

Here’s a look at the full-time stats:

FULL TIME, India 4-4 Korea: “No clear reason to change the decision,” says the video ref. That will be all for India. Huge couple of saves from KIM Jaehyeon in that replay! What a massive defensive effort by the Koreans in the end there. And to India’s credit they gave it all.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: Oh wow, it’s a huge melee and Korea have somehow kept it out. The GK is celebrating but that referral India kept might be handy now? Yes, they review. 10 seconds left!

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: It could well be that the angles are not sufficient to make a call. Let us see.... yes, no advice possible. India keep their referral. But they wanted more.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: Still waiting...

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: Could well be no advice possible. A long ball from Pawan hit the post but Uttam thinks he has been pushed by the goalie.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: Was that a chance? The camera misses the move and something’s happened. India have asked for a review. Going to be interesting! 27 seconds left. Uttam is asking for a body check by the goalkeeper.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: India ball with 50 seconds to go.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: Game management from Korea in India’s half. 65 seconds to go.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: Possession but no threat from India, as Gowda loses the ball. Less than 2 to go.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: A nice dribble by Vishnukant but no support in attack. Gets a free hit though. India come down the left, looking for a PC, nothing doing. Less than 3 to go and it seems like Korea will see this through.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: Another move down the right flank but India can’t find the final pass. Korea now have numbers behind. Happy to hold on. India throwing themselves around but no clear cut chances in the last few minutes. 03:40 to go.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: A large part of India’s attack has come from the right this match but now some pressure down the left. Korea defending well though. Less than 6 to go.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: One has to say the pressure to find the goal is starting to impact India’s forward play. A few rushed moves, mis-traps, crosses not finding the targets... they are still at it though. Just need one moment of brilliance but soon. Less than 8 to go.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: Bit of a scratchy start to the quarter. Pressure and fatigue both starting to show. Half chance for both sides, not taken. 10 mins to go as Sunil nearly finds a crucial cross from right.

Q4, India 4-4 Korea: Remember, Korea are the more experienced side here and they will be happy as things stand. India need to push forward and avoid defensive errors. 11 mins to go.

Q4 begins: A green card saw India concede soon after, a yellow card saw India concede soon after. It’s 4-4 at the start of Q4. Uttam Singh could have easily put India ahead when they were down to 10 too. Plenty happening!

Q3, India 4-4 Korea: GOAL KOREA! Once again, India concede a goal when down to 10 men. A long pass into the circle. Jung Manjae gets his stick down for a wicked deflection that beats Suraj in goal. A penny for Yashdeep’s thoughts as he watches on during his suspension. A penny for Uttam’s thoughts as he missed a big chance moments earlier.

Q3, India 4-3 Korea: HUGE CHANCE INDIA! Uttam Singh is found free in front of goal after great drive by SV Sunil and a cut back by Raj Kumar Pal. However the shot is high. Big big miss.

Q3, India 4-3 Korea: Good review that, India will keep their referral. Yashdeep is taking deep breaths in the sin bin. 3.33 left in this quarter, so for that and a minute or so in Q4, India will be down to 10.

Q3, India 4-3 Korea: Oh dear it’s a yellow card for Yashdeep. And India will be down to 10 men for the next five minutes. Immediately after a PC is given to Korea. India review this.

Q3, India 4-3 Korea: GOAL INDIA! A hopeful cross from the right flank by Sheshe Gowda, it takes a deflection and falls kindly to Shakthivel. A calm finish! And all smiles. A bit of luck in how the ball found its way to the Shakthivel, but India will take that. Not 100% sure, but it might have come with Kore still down to 10.

Q3, India 3-3 Korea: Green card for KIM Hyeongjin. Can India do to Korea what Korea did to India? Oh a big chance in the circle. India neither get a shot out or the PC. Yashdeep did well to find SV Sunil a couple of yards away from goal. India pressure now.

Q3, India 3-3 Korea: One can imagine both coaching talks would have been out cutting out errors in the back. But it is Korea who have started the 2nd half on the front foot. A bit of a surprise attack on India?

HALF TIME, India 3-3 Korea: Here’s a look at the stats as teams come out for the second half. India have played quite well going forward but a couple of costly defensive error have cost them. Good fight though and it is not over yet.

Clarification: It is not clear who’s credited with the 2nd Indian goal. The broadcasters still have it for Dipsan Tirkey but the FIH stats site has it for Maninder Singh.

HALF TIME, India 3-3 Korea: And breathe! What a stunning half of hockey that was. The coaches might not be happy on either side with their defences but it’s been a gripping, entertaining to watch for hockey fans. Sardar Singh, BJ Kariappa have some talking to do. India have been impressive going forward, but a defensive error and a costly green card has made their life difficult here.

Q2, India 3-3 Korea: GOAL KOREA! Kim Jung Hoo with a field goal. India were down to 10 men for a couple of mins and Korea make the most of the one-player advantage. The camera pans to Uttam in the sin bin. A lovely move though it must be said by Korea, from midfield a superb pass to find Kim in space.

Q2, India 3-2 Korea: Break in play, coming together of players in the middle. Ouch, the Korean player landed on Sheshe Gowda’s back, that’s got to hurt.

Q2, India 3-2 Korea: With 3:22 to go, a green card for Uttam for a push. India down to 10 for a couple of mins.

Q2, India 3-2 Korea: A PC for Korea but India rush this well. A stick check however means India have another PC to defend. This time Korea’s No 25 sends it wide. Powerful but just past the side post.

Q2, India 3-2 Korea: GOAL INDIA! Superb counterattack. India win the ball back deep in their half. A swift counter sees Vishnukant find Shese Gowda free down the left and a superb finish follows. What a response from the young Indian side. It might have been Raj Kumar Pal who won the ball back and released Abharan for the counter.

Q2, India 2-2 Korea: GOAL INDIA! Superb response from India. They pour forward in attack, Abharan wins a PC. Dipsan took the drag flick and Maninder Singh is deemed to have gotten a touch on it. Sneaks past the goalie. The goal is given to Maninder, yes, for now.

Q2, India 1-2 Korea: Abharan wins the PC for India. India need a response. Soon.

Q2, India 1-2 Korea: GOAL! JI Woo Cheon puts Korea in the lead. Pawan involved at one end one instance in a chance, then involved at the other end in Korea’s goal. He intercepts the ball in India’s circle but the ball is stolen from him and then Ji is found with space. Nothing Suraj could do thee.

Q2, India 1-1 Korea: Chance India! A nice reverse hit from the edge of the circle by Pawan Rajbhar but straight at the keeper.

End of Q1, India 1-1 Korea: A look at the stats from the opening 15 mins.

Q1, India 1-1 Korea: GOAL KOREA! Korea equalise shortly after, converting a PC of their own. JANG Jonghyun with his sixth goal of the tournament.

Q1, India 1-0 Korea: The move to win the PC saw Shaktivel with a nice turn in the circle and find Uttam who then won the PC. Sharp play. Now Korea have a PC down the other end.

Q1, India 1-0 Korea: GOAL, INDIA! Great work by Shaktivel to turn sharply and win a PC for India and Nilam Sanjeep Xess makes no mistake from the drag flick.

Q1, India 0-0 Korea: Indian management will be happy to see the intensity going forward early on. Good start this in the first five minutes.

Q1, India 0-0 Korea: An early PC for India! (Could Pawan have gone for the field goal finish though?) Anyway. Xess with the routine and it is saved sharply by Korean defence.

Q1, India 0-0 Korea: PUSHBACK! The final Super 4s game and it is a must-win for India. Malaysia have reached the final and India will reach them if they defeat Korea here. Korea will qualify with a draw or win.

Dipsan Tirkey in a quick chat with the broadcasters says the team know this is a must-win now and they have prepared accordingly. Whatever chances we get even in the first half we will try to convert. Drag flicks are important, need to convert them.

Here’s a look at the Indian starting XI (via Hockey India)

Hello and welcome to live coverage of the men’s hockey Asia Cup 2022 Super 4s clash between India and Korea in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The previous match for India saw a stunning game of hockey being played out against Malaysia, who took a 2-0 lead in the first half. Then came India storming back to take a 3-2 lead in Q4 and had one foot in the final. But Malaysia crucially got an equaliser.

And now, just a little while earlier, Malaysia beat Japan 5-0 and that has made things rather plain (and a little tricky) for the men in blue. India will now face Korea in the last match of the Super 4s stage. The winner will qualify for the final with Malaysia. But a draw in that match will leave all three teams tied on points. It’ll then come down to goal difference, which will see India miss out and Korea qualify.

Stats / photos courtesy: FIH.Hockey / Asian Hockey Federation

Screenshots: Disney+Hotstar