10.20 pm: We will leave you with the champion athlete’s reaction to his silver medal. More to come as we wrap up our coverage, thanks for following our updates.

Post medal reactions in this thread from our reporter Dilip Unnikrishnan:

9.20 am: A good experience for Eldhose Paul and Rohit Yadav in the finals, a disappointing relay performance, but the morning – as it was destined to be – belonged to Neeraj Chopra. Another first for the Indian athlete who is breaking new ground pretty much every step of the way. Anderson Peters started as the favourite as we had written in our preview on Saturday, and he laid the marker down early. That added a new kind of challenge for the Indian who has been recently setting the pace himself, so to speak. But today he responded to a big challenge, under pressure from Vadlejch and Weber, to find that one big throw when it mattered. The big 90 eluded him, but his 88.13 is still the fourth best throw of his career, and the top four have all come in 2022.

Neeraj Chopra's top 10 throws

Date Competition Result
30 JUN 2022 BAUHAUS-Galan, Olympiastadion, Stockholm 89.94 (NR)
14 JUN 2022 Paavo Nurmi Games, Paavo Nurmi Stadium, Turku 89.30
21 JUL 2022 World Athletics Championships, Oregon 2022, Hayward Field, Eugene, OR 88.39
23 JUL 2022 World Athletics Championships, Oregon 2022, Hayward Field, Eugene, OR 88.13
27 AUG 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, Jakarta 88.06
05 MAR 2021 Indian Grand Prix 3, Patiala 88.07
28 JAN 2020 ACNW League Meeting 1, McArthur Stadium, Potchefstroom 87.86
17 MAR 2021 Federation Cup, Patiala 87.80
07 AUG 2021 The XXXII Olympic Games, National Stadium, Tokyo 87.58
04 MAY 2018 Doha IAAF Diamond League, Suhaim bin Hamad Stadium, Doha 87.43
via World Athletics

Some reactions to Neeraj Chopra’s incredible feat:

Men’s javelin throw final: A stunning 90.54m from Anderson Peters to close things out. What a series he put together. Saving his best for the last. And it is a historic silver medal for Neeraj Chopra.

Men’s javelin throw final: A silver medal for Neeraj Chopra! Didn’t like his final attempt but that HUGE 4th attempt has put him on the podium. The best ever performance by an Indian in the World Championships history.

Men’s javelin throw final: A World Championships medal confirmed for Neeraj Chopra as Weber doesn’t cross the mark. Vadlejch too falls short and that is a historic silver at least for Neeraj!

Men’s javelin throw final: A few final attempts done. Helander fouls out again. No threat to the podium finish yet for Neeraj. Arshad Nadeem from Pakistan finishes a creditable 5th.

Men’s javelin throw final: Anderson Peters is putting together a dream series. Past 85m again. Here we go then for the final attempts. Neeraj straps up his right thigh, hope it is nothing serious.

Men’s javelin throw final: An awkward-er fall that time from Neeraj and he steps out. Wasn’t past 80. Weber and Vadlejch don’t threaten the 88m mark with their 5th throws, so Neeraj remains 2nd.

Men’s javelin throw final: A few 5th attempts done. No threat to Chopra there. Here he comes now.

Men’s javelin throw final: Here we go then, fifth attempts. Neeraj on the cusp of history.

Men’s javelin throw final: 83.48m from Vadlejch and that keeps Neeraj in the 2nd attempt. Peters around 88 again. Four attempts done and Neeraj is 2nd. Fine comeback. But can he improve and put some cushion?

Men’s javelin throw final: 88.13m! He likes it. He likes it! Neeraj Chopra goes past 88m and that moves him up to 2nd position! Brilliant response from the Indian after the sluggish start. Nicely done, Neeraj. Nicely done.

Men’s javelin throw final: Back in to action, Neeraj.

Men’s javelin throw final: Big roar from Nadeem to start the final set of attempts! He liked that. Improves his best 86.16 and moves to 5th!

Men’s javelin throw final: Weber’s 3rd attempt is not the farthest. That keeps the bronze at 86.86m. We will now go the top 8 in reverse order.

Men’s javelin throw final: Weber now. Keep an eye out. Will he improve the 3rd place mark?

Men’s javelin throw final: Wry smile from Peters. Just about stops himself from crossing the line. And still manages 87.21!

Men’s javelin throw final: Right then, what does Peters have for his 3rd attempt? He waits a bit.

Men’s javelin throw final: Right in the end, Arshad Nadeem and Oliver Helander have come up with big throws to move into the top 8.

Men’s javelin throw final: Rohit Yadav with 78.72, his best of the day. Puts him in 8th to make the cut for now... but no, not to be be. Dean with a 80+ and that pushes Rohit out of top 8.

Men’s javelin throw final: Neeraj’s 3rd attempt is an improvement and so is Vadlejch’s 3rd! The Tokyo silver medallist with a superb 88.09 to put some cushion for the 2nd spot.

Men’s javelin throw final: Neeraj Chopra’s best throw of the afternoon yet, gets up to 86.37m. Solid improvement from his 2nd attempt, so that’s good news. Closer to 86.86m that’s bronze position for Weber at the moment.

Men’s javelin throw final: Well here we go then, Neeraj for his 3rd attempt.

Men’s javelin throw final: Weber now to close out 2nd attempts. Gets it all wrong, below 75 there. Helander too yet to register a mark. Apart from a couple, the field is struggling.

Men’s javelin throw final: And now it is 90.46! Anderson Peters improves his first mark. And he is in a league of his own at the moment. Brilliant from the defending champion.

Men’s javelin throw final: Already this is a different kind of challenge for Neeraj Chopra. Hasn’t felt this sort of scoreboard pressure in a while.

Men’s javelin throw final: Just a little while earlier Vadlejch responded to Weber’s attempt with a superb 87.23 and moves back into 2nd place. Chopra currently 4th.

Men’s triple jump final: Paul finishes 9th in men’s triple jump final. The cut off for top 8 was 16.86, and his best was just behind at 16.79m.

Men’s javelin throw final: Neeraj Chopra 82.39 with his second attempt. That’s a solid one, and that should calm his nerves (if any), should get all six attempts on the back of that.

Men’s javelin throw final: And now Weber too with a good throw. 86.86m. Moves to 2nd.

Men’s javelin throw final: Anderson Peters time and that is a massive 90.21m! HUGE! The commentator tells us that is the farthest the javelin has been thrown at this venue.

Men’s javelin throw final: A 77.96 for Rohit. Off his PB as well but registers the mark.

Men’s javelin throw final: Vadlejch with a super start! 85.52m. Goes top of the standings, could well already be in the mix for podium with that too.

Men’s javelin throw final: Asks for the crowd support, Neeraj starts off. And knows right away it’s not anywhere near his best. Below 80m and he steps out for a foul.

Men’s javelin throw final: Ovation from the Indian contingent as Neeraj’s name is announced. He will go first in the order.

Men’s javelin throw final: OK then, time for the main event. We will keep an eye on how Eldhose Paul goes, but time to turn our focus to javelin.

Men’s triple jump final: Nice run-up from Eldhose Paul, good jump on board... improves his mark to 16.79m with his 2nd attempt. Still sixth on the standings, but a few athletes can register a mark and go over.

Men’s triple jump final: Now Pichado goes 17.92m, he is making it a battle with himself.

Men’s triple jump final: No marks for six athletes in the first attempts. Eldhose Paul sixth among the six who got in legal jumps.

Men’s triple jump final: Not the best of his efforts for the first go, Eldhose Paul with 16.37m

Men’s triple jump final: A world-leading 17.95 in the first attempt for Pichardo.

Men’s triple jump final: We will get going with action in the men’s triple jump where India’s Eldhose Paul got through in 12th place. A great experience this will for the Indian.

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the World Athletics Championships. It’s a much-awaited morning, one that has the potential to be a memorable for Indian sport.

The men’s javelin throw final is where all the attention going to be with Neeraj Chopra and Rohit Yadav in action. There is the men’s triple jump final as well where Eldhose Paul is in action. Apart from the two finals, the men’s 4x400m relay were in action (they finished last in their heat).

Athlete Event Qualifiers  Finals (IST)
Eldhose Paul Men's Triple Jump July 22: 06.50am

Distance: 16.68m
Result: q (12th)
July 24: 06.30am
Neeraj Chopra Men's Javelin Throw July 22: 05.35am
Group A

Distance: 88.39mResult: Q (Auto)
July 24: 07.05am
Rohit Yadav Men's Javelin Throw July 22: 07.05am
Group B

Distance: 80.42mResult: q (11th)
July 24: 07.05am
Muhammed Anas, Noah Nirmal Tom, Muhammed Ajmal, Naganathan Pandi, Rajesh Ramesh  Men's 4x400m relay

Timing: 3:07.29
July 24: 06.10am July 25: 08.05