2.45 am: We will leave with you the throw (well, one of the three actually as it would turn out) that clinched Neeraj Chopra’s Diamond Trophy. As is most often the case, he knew it was a good one right away. 88.44m, and another first added to Indian athletics’ record books.

Neeraj Chopra via Diamond League virtual mixed zone:

“Felt really good, aaj aisa feel hua ki hum bhi global athletics ka ek hissa hain, that ppl were happy seeing me, bahut maza aaya, crowd helped me a lot”

Diamond League Final: The festivities in Zurich have come to a close, but we *might* still hear from Neeraj Chopra in the mixed zone. Standing by.

Diamond League Final: And here’s the frame we were waiting for. One of the coolest things about the Diamond League season.

Just a few names to list out from the Champions of the season: Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Mondo Duplantis, Yulimar Rojas, Femke Bol, Noah Lyles, Shericka Jackson, Gianmarco Tamberi....and along with them and all other winners, India’s very own Neeraj Chopra.

Reminder: The winner of each Diamond Discipline at the Final will become “Diamond League Champion” and be awarded a Diamond Trophy, USD 30’000 prize money and a wild card for the World Athletics Championships. (Neeraj doesn’t need that, already qualified based on the mark)

Men’s javelin: The final throw was 83.60 but it doesn’t matter the work was done!

Men’s javelin: Vadlejch fouls too... ...and Neeraj Chopra is Diamond League Champion! Still has his final attempt left and it will be, as they say, a glory throw.

Men’s javelin: Weber... fouls his final attempt. Just Vadlejch’s one attempt left to potentially overtake Neeraj.

Men’s javelin: Last attempts coming up... Gailums and Thompson finish with sub-80s.

Men’s javelin: Leandro Ramos has been out of contention for the last few throws but the 5 athletes with 80+ will all get their final attempts. For now, the women’s team event will come to a conclusion

Men’s javelin: Neeraj with a 87.00m... he now has 3 throws better than everyone else in the field tonight. Finish line in sight.

Men’s javelin: The lead will be in tact for Neeraj at least till the final throw... Vadlejch with 83.95m. Neeraj to go next.

Men’s javelin: The German is struggling though, Weber with a sub-80 throw.

Men’s javelin: Here we go, 5th attempts. All eyes on the top three.

Men’s javelin: So far, on predicted lines. But Vadlejch and Weber have a big throw in their arsenal if they nail their technique. Neeraj, after his own late comeback in Eugene at the World Championships, will know this is not done.

Men’s javelin: Chopra throws 86.11 in his fourth attempt. He wasn’t really happy with that effort but he’s still in the lead. Vadlejch has closed the gap (not that the gap matters) but just a little bit better rhythm, the Czech thrower is in. Here are the standings after 4 attempts, as the women’s event resumes.

Men’s javelin: Vadlejch is still in a good zone, Neeraj cannot relax. The Czech with his best of the night off his 4th attempt, a solid 86.94m.

Quite enjoying the fact that Neeraj Chopra is the main subject for the camera crew working for the dedicated javelin feed. Star, indeed. Throws resume meanwhile.

Men’s javelin: Another brief pause as men’s 400m Hurdles starts on track.

Here we go then, 4th attempts.

Men’s javelin: Neeraj Chopra doesn’t celebrate 88.00m throws anymore. Casually goes past his Tokyo mark, but no reaction. Still in the lead after three attempts. Time for the women’s event to resume.

Men’s javelin: There is a pause... Neeraj is still in his warmup clothes as 400m hurdles athletes get ready. He is taking some magic spray on his shoulder, nothing serious, still warming up and all.

Men’s javelin: Third attempts done for 5 others (Vadlejch fouls, Weber with 83.73), and Neeraj’s lead is still safe. His third attempt coming up.

Men’s javelin: Chopra is into the lead with a brilliant throw! 88.44 meters

Men’s javelin: With Vadlejch leading the way... 2nd attempts are now underway.

Men’s javelin: Not the best of first throw by Neeraj well below 80... he knows it, so he stepped over the line for a X. Vadlejch leads the way after the first round of attempts. The women’s event now continues for the second attempts so Neeraj will have time to reset.

Men’s javelin: The big three to come...

Men’s javelin: We are underway in the men’s javelin event.

Men’s javelin: Here we go, the introductions are done. Time for the final. Women and men together in the event.... the women are going first for their first attempts.

If you are looking for broadcast details.

11.38 pm: In a while, our attention will turn to the Indian Olympic champion but the IOC has issued a final warning to the Indian Olympic Association.

In view of the ongoing internal disputes, governance shortcomings and continuing court cases, the EB decided to issue a final warning and consider the immediate suspension of the NOC of India at the next EB meeting in December 2022 if, by then, the NOC of India is not able to:

  • address and resolve its governance issues to the IOC’s satisfaction, in the interests of sport and the athletes; and
  • operate properly through its governing bodies, i.e. the Executive Committee and General Assembly, and fulfil its obligations, in particular by holding its quadrennial elections in accordance with the Olympic Charter.

11.35 pm: It’s already been a memorable day for Indian sports fans with Virat Kohli ending a long wait for a century. Will there be more good news from Zurich? We are about 15 mins away from the start of the javelin events.

Hello and welcome to Scroll.in’s coverage of the Diamond League Final. All eyes are on Zurich as we crown champions across disciplines for this season.

After a series of meetings through the season, the finale in Zurich sees the best of the best in action based on qualification points. In men’s javelin, Neeraj Chopra is among the six who have made the cut to be in with a chance to win the Diamond League trophy and $30,000 prize money.

Before we look forward, a quick throwback here to his two Diamond League meet throws this season.

Screenshots in the blog courtesy Zurich Diamond League results page / Viacom18 / Wanda Diamond League