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A series that would have told Janneke Schopman a lot about where her side is ahead of Asian Games. There are certainly positives, but I think the big takeaway is that four-month gaps between international assignments is not ideal. More match-time (there are two matches to come against Australia A now and a tour of Spain later) is imperative as India fine-tune for Asian Games.


Match # Date/Time (local) Details
1 18 May 2023 18:45 AUS 4-2 IND
2 20 May 2023 18:45 AUS 3-2 IND
3 21 May 2023 18:15 AUS 1-1 IND

Dilip Unnikrishnan: The scores notwithstanding, a good prep series for India against world No 3 Australia. Kept improving with each game. Felt the young pair of Baljeet Kaur and Sangita Kumari were very good in the three matches

Winning Hockeyroos:

Special day for Savita Punia and Nikki Pradhan:

“It is a very special moment for me to complete 250 International caps for India. The journey to this moment has seen several highs and lows and this milestone could not have been possible without the support of my teammates. I also thank Hockey India, SAI and Odisha Govt for their continued support for the Indian Women’s Team. We have many more targets to achieve and this milestone has only motivated me more to keep going strong,” stated Savita as she received the 250th milestone jersey from Chief Coach Janneke Schopman.  

“I am extremely happy and proud to complete 150 international caps for India. It is no less than a dream for me to represent my country at the grandest of stages. It was an absolute honour for me to play at the Rio Olympics and Tokyo Olympics. I have had a good run with the national side and the journey so far has been mesmerising. It’s a crucial year for us with many major events lined up, hence, I am aiming to continue giving my best on the field and help my team attain greater heights and win laurels in the near future,” said Nikki. 

— via Hockey India

Shahid Judge: Decent show from India in this match. The execution in the final third may be a concern, but it’s commendable that the squad has maintained an attacking intent and created chances. This is the kind of litmus test Janneke Schopman would have liked to see where the team stands as the Asian Games near.

Read more about the player of the match here:

Two time Olympian and former junior women’s team coach Baljeet Singh Saini, who closely oversaw Lalremsiami’s development in her initial years, considers her pressing to be one of the best traits. “When the opposition has possession, Siami is one of the best defenders in terms of a striker being a defender,” he told

Hockey: Lalremsiami, Indian team’s live wire from Mizoram

Full time, Australia 1-1 India: Lalremsiami is the player of the match. She was terrific today.

Full time, Australia 1-1 India: Superb contest, this one. I think a defeat would have been harsh on both sides. Australia win the series 2-0, India improved as things went on. Two more matches to come, but those will be against Australia A.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: Last 20 seconds, Australia pressure. India win the ball back.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: India’s attack turns into Australia’s attack in no time. But India have numbers behind.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: Into the last couple of minutes. India try to mount some attacking pressure.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: SAVED! Siami with a brilliant rush. And she is hurt, but walks away after a while.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: PC for Australia with less than 5 mins to go.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: Down in to the last 6 mins.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: Sangita Kumari with some sharp ball control in the circle but cannot get an outcome

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: India keeping the ball well here.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: CHANCE! Navneet gets a shot away from the edge of the circle. Saved by Bartram (I think).

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: India have to defend the next PC with a player down. The routine is not clean from Australia but they manage to get the shot away but saved.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: India give the ball away cheaply in defence and a non-threatening situation has turned into a PC for Australia.

Q4, Australia 1-1 India: India start the final quarter on front foot.

End of Q3, Australia 1-1 India: CHANCE INDIA! OH WOW. What a turnover. Neha (I think) finds Siami through on goal, the forward does superbly to round the goalkeeper but she takes it too far! Chance goes begging

Q3, Australia 1-1 India: The quarter is winding down with some Aussie possesion... no India turn it over.

Q3, Australia 1-1 India: The effort is blocked this time.

Q3, Australia 1-1 India: PC for India again! A tackle on Navneet deemed too much.

Q3, Australia 1-1 India: GOAL, INDIA! DEEP GRACE EKKA! Great routine by India, the slap from Deep is powerful and low. Beats the Aussie defence.

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: Australia down a player too. Can India make the most of it?

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: A superb steal from Vandana and she charges forward. From the resulting play, Neha wins a PC.

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: And once again India are struggling with the basics in Q3. Mishit passes, poor control... it’s been the quarter that has caused them most trouble.

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: According to TMS, the second quarter saw Bichu in goal for India. I hadn’t realised, It is near impossible to see jersey numbers in this lighting that they are playing in.

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: Another variation by Hockeyroos but the Indian defence is alert.

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: Another PC for Australia in Q3.

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: Confirmation that it is still Savita in goal for India.

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: Chance India! Good work from the left and Navneet has room to shot. Her shot is blocked though.

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: Saved by the Indian defence. Not quite sure who is in goal for India this half, we will confirm shortly.

Q3, Australia 1-0 India: Soon after the second half begins, a PC for Australia. It leads to another PC.

Shahid Judge: The Indians have continued to show that attacking intent from yesterday, but haven’t had that fluidity in the final pass in the final third. There have been a number of chances, especially through penalty corners, but the execution has been poor. So far.

Shahid Judge: Australia take a 1-0 lead at half-time. India has had a host of PCs but failed to score. Execution in the final third will be something the visitors will hope to improve in the second half.

Half time: Australia 1-0 India

Q2, Australia 1-0 India: Save-ita! India have a PC with 44 secs left but they make an absolute mess of it and are in danger of conceding on the counter. Savita comes up with a big save to keep it 0-1.

Q2, Australia 1-0 India: Can India find an equaliser? 44 seconds left in the half.

Q2, Australia 1-0 India: As the clock winds down in the half, Australia managing the game well... as I say that, Sangita wins the ball back high up and wins a PC too.

Q2, Australia 1-0 India: And it is Gurjit again. Good low shot on goal, Bartram with the save!

Q2, Australia 1-0 India: A PC for India.

Q2, Australia 1-0 India: One thing India have one well in the series is respond when Australia have gone ahead. Can they do it again?

Q2, Australia 1-0 India: GOAL! Maddison Brooks puts the Hockeyroos ahead. A quickly taken free hit, the ball into the box finds Brooks free at the far post. Lifted nicely into the net.

Q2, Australia 0-0 India: Cutting through the Indian defence is a through ball but Australia can’t make the most of it from the pull back.

Q2, Australia 0-0 India: Couple of green cards in the last few mins for India. First for Nisha, then for Sharmila.

Q2, Australia 0-0 India: This time Deep goes for the hit and Australia defend it. Good first rush.

Q2, Australia 0-0 India: Terrific ball control by Sharmila Devi in the circle to win a PC.

Q2, Australia 0-0 India: The match is in a very scrappy phase at the moment. Mistakes and turnovers by both teams.

Q2, Australia 0-0 India: PC injection by Deep this time, that’s interesting. Gurjit lows for a low shot. Australia clear their lines.

Q2, Australia 0-0 India: PC for India. The 5-breach from a free hit.

Q2, Australia 0-0 India: Lax pushback by India, losing the ball right away.

End of Q1, Australia 0-0 India: India will have a chance to regroup now. It was a good start by the visitors. Not as high intensity as yesterday but maybe that is good, they won’t be gassed out in Q3.

Q1, Australia 0-0 India: India are winning the ball back well when Australia have possession. Deep Grace is having a rollercoaster few seconds. Gives the ball away, wins the ball back, gives it away again.

Q1, Australia 0-0 India: India with more possession in the Aussie third, they try to build patiently down the right. The scrap doesn’t lead to anything. India keep the ball.

Q1, Australia 0-0 India: And Savita makes her first big save of the night on her side. Went down quickly as AUS tried a variation.

Q1, Australia 0-0 India: Australia have a PC now. Gurjit called for deliberately putting the ball away. This is such a harsh rule in my opinion.

Q1, Australia 0-0 India: And India keep the bulk of the possession in the early stages. It’s actually more controlled possession today, not so frantic.


  • Nikki Pradhan completes 150 International Caps
  • Savita Punia completes 250 International Caps

Q1, Australia 0-0 India: Australia countered from that 2nd PC but India held firm. India have started well on the ball again.

Q1, Australia 0-0 India: The first PC results in a second PC. Udita with the hit on both occasions, the second one is saved superbly by Bartram.

Q1, Australia 0-0 India: Early PC for India, in the first 80 seconds.

Q1, Australia 0-0 India: Pushback by India.

Hello and welcome to Scroll’s coverage of Indian hockey as the Savita Punia-led Indian women’s team take on Australia in Adelaide in a three-match Test series.

Today is the final Test between India and World Cup bronze medalists Australia.

India raised their levels in the second match yesterday after an underwhelming outing the first time around on Thursday. They were forceful and hassled the hosts in the first half. Unfortunately, they were unable to maintain that intensity in the second half as the Hockeyroos completed a 3-2 comeback win. Today they will be hoping to go one step further and get the win they deserved yesterday.

Stay tuned for updates.

India’s full squad:

Goalkeepers: Savita (C), Bichu Devi Kharibam

Defenders: Deep Grace Ekka (VC), Nikki Pradhan, Ishika Chaudhary, Udita, Gurjit Kaur

Midfielders: Nisha, Navjot Kaur, Monika, Salima Tete, Neha, Navneet Kaur, Sonika, Jyoti, Baljeet Kaur

Forwards: Lalremsiami, Vandana Katariya, Sangita Kumari, Sharmila Devi

India tour of Australia schedule (as per Hockey Australia):
May 18, Thursday: India 2-4 Australia
May 20, Saturday: India 2-3 Australia
May 21, Sunday: India vs Australia at 14:15 IST
May 25, Thursday: India vs Australia A 
May 27, Saturday: India vs Australia A 

Screenshots in the blog via Fancode / FIH