That’s all from us tonight! Join us as the Indian men’s and women’s teams take on Germany on Saturday, June 8 for their penultimate match in the FIH Pro League. Good night!

FT IND 2-3 GBR: Well that was a hectic last five minutes with two goals and GB breathe a sigh of relief as they win a free hit and the clock winds down to signal the end of the five-goal thriller.

India will once again rue their slow start that saw GB score two quick goals which allowed the hosts to sit back and enjoy the London sunshine. The visitors meanwhile took time to settle into a cohesive match rhythm and it didn’t help them that their defence was quite shaky.

Savita mentioned that Harendra Singh, the women’s team coach, was happy with the way the team came back and the two goals were a glimpse of how India were eventually the better team in the latter half of the game. However, the penalty corner goal from Petter was the nail in the coffin and India succumbed to their sixth loss of the Pro League’s European leg.

Q4 IND 2-3 GBR: GOAL FOR GREAT BRITAIN! Wow what a change in fortunes! The game has suddenly come alive again. A penalty corner for GB and Isabelle Petter makes good on the rebound to get the lead once more. But soon after, Harendra Singh pulls out Savita for an extra outfield player and Petter gets a yellow card with less than four minutes to go.

Q4 IND 2-2 GBR: GOAL FOR INDIA! And the equaliser comes out of nowhere! Vandana Katariya begins the charge towards goal and guides the ball in to Sharmila Devi who is behind GB defender Anna Toman who is probably the one that gets the deflection on the ball before it goes past Pritchard for the goal.

Q4 IND 1-2 GBR: The passing has been much better from India in the last quarter of the game while GB seem to have gone back a few steps compared to how they began the game.

End of Q3 IND 1-2 GBR: The hosts have been tested quite a bit in the third quarter, much like how India tested Germany in the second quarter yesterday. Pritchard in particular has been good for GB aside from the goal that came from Navneet Kaur. The match is quite evenly poised now with India having the possibility of pushing for a draw, if not the win.

Q3 IND 1-2 GBR: Oh that was very close! India wins another penalty corner that Navneet Kaur takes off Lalremsiami that is simply smacked towards Pritchard who is surprised, but is saved by the deflection it takes off the bar.

Q3 IND 1-2 GBR: A penalty corner for India that needs to be retaken after the ball hits a GB defender on the hands while the penalty corner was still in play. Nothing really comes of it but this is much better from India who are finally waking up to the contest and putting pressure on GB to make small mistakes.

Q3 IND 1-2 GBR: GOAL FOR INDIA! A chance for India that gets the GB goalkeeper Pritchard involved for what is probably the first time in the match. But then Navneet Kaur puts smiles on the faces of Indian fans in the stands with a superb strike that requires some time to set up and she’s given that despite two GB defenders marking her.

HT IND 0-2 GBR: Not a good half from India at all when it comes to attacking, but the defense held on relatively to not allow the hosts to score more goals. However, it also seemed like GB were conserving energy and allowing India to dictate the pace of the game. There was a moment where Udita was on the verge of being hit by a ball deflection, similar to how Phil Roper was hit in the previous game between the two men’s teams.

It is unclear to see where the change will come from for India considering the six changes made from yesterday’s loss haven’t proven to be fruitful.

Q2 IND 0-2 GBR: The hosts also seem to have let their foot off the gas after securing the lead so early. India however have had a few chances here and there, but nothing really that screams they’re getting back into the game with less than seven minutes to go for half-time.

Q2 IND 0-2 GBR: The pace of the game has slowed down but India are not really pushing GB to their limits here. A shot from midfield hits Katie Robertson smack in the leg and seems to have been a quite hard and fast hit.

End of Q1 IND 0-2 GBR: A lacklustre display from India who have been unable to get back into the game after the early goals. GB have been taking advantage of it as Savita switches out in goal for Bichu.

Q1 IND 0-2 GBR: Relatively sloppy defending from India and this is not what Harendra Singh wanted from the team so early on in the match. Another penalty corner is conceded as the hosts continue to be afforded quite a lot of space whenever they get into the circle.

Q1 IND 0-2 GBR: GOAL FOR GREAT BRITAIN! This time it’s Robertson who orchestrates the goal as she races past the Indian defence and sends a good pass into Watson who makes no mistake this time and Savita can’t do much to save this.

Q1 IND 0-1 GBR: GOAL FOR GREAT BRITAIN! This is the first meeting between the two sides since that bronze-medal match at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo that India lost 3-4 after leading 3-2 in the match. It’s been a sedate start so far for the visitors, but the hosts get the upper hand on the counter attack and Udita concedes a penalty stroke after impeding the advancing GB player’s run. India review and the decision stays with Charlotte Watson calmly slotting the ball past Savita for the lead. India also lose their review inside the first five minutes.

India women’s team coach Harendra Singh: Yesterday we started a little bit lethargic but we caught up in the second quarter. Then in the third quarter we went back to a slow game and today I don’t want to see that. So hopefully with the six changes today we are looking forward to fresh legs and a more attacking mindset.

Next up is the Indian women’s team against hosts Great Britain where the former will be looking for their first win in the European leg.

FT IND 1-3 GBR: In the end, the hosts manage to hold on despite both sides slightly backing off towards the end. Both sides were relatively evenly matched, but the edge that GB had was the better precision with their passing, whether it was attacking or defensively. India will feel hard-done by in a few challenges, but the lessons that they will draw from here will prove beneficial when they travel to Paris next month.

Both teams though provided an incredible game of hockey with brilliant skills and strategy on display and surely entertained the audience.

Q4 IND 1-3 GBR: The passing between India, which has generally not been a problem so far, has probably been the reason why India continue to trail against GB. Hardik gets a burst of energy with less than five minutes on the clock but goes one step too far and takes the ball outside. Abhishek then nearly gives India a good chance with some superb stick work between two GB defenders, but nothing comes of it.

Q4 IND 1-3 GBR: Heart-in-mouth moment there for India as Bhuhi sends a ball in quite easily to Williamson but he loses his balance and doesn’t put power behind his shot. Sreejesh then saves it and covers the ball to prevent any rebound shot.

Q4 IND 1-3 GBR: A series of penalty corners for India, but once again nothing comes of it for the visitors who are now looking slightly desperate for a goal that gets them closer to levelling the game.

Q4 IND 1-3 GBR: GOAL FOR GREAT BRITAIN! Calnan though gets the last laugh as Jugraj’s challenge gets him penalised and gives GB the ball which then reaches Calnan and sends it into the goal for the hosts’ third goal and Sreejesh reacted just a millisecond too late.

End of Q3 IND 1-2 GBR: Neither side looks to let their foot off the gas as the hooter blows to signal the last 15 minutes of this thrilling game.

Q3 IND 1-2 GBR: A moment of levity as GB and India tussle in the latter’s goal and the hosts go up in arms appealing for a penalty corner. India meanwhile protest and point to the board to indicate that GB do not have a review left. Calnan races to the umpire to ask for a review who chuckles and says that’s not possible. Calnan looks disappointed but amused and play continues.

Q3 IND 1-2 GBR: Quite puzzling from India as they send yet another penalty corner wide, this time from Jugraj though. Just under three minutes left in the third quarter.

Q3 IND 1-2 GBR: This is end-to-end stuff as India search for the equaliser while GB are looking to restore their two-goal cushion once again. A steady save from Sreejesh off a GB penalty corner that gets India going on the other end. Another penalty corner that sees Roper go down after being hit by the deflection. Medical officials rush on to the field and play is stopped.

Q3 IND 1-2 GBR: GOAL FOR INDIA! Mazarelo could do nothing about that as India won the ball on the midfield line and it’s sent straight to Abhishek who steadies himself against his marker and smacks it past the GB goalkeeper to pull one back for India. Then Abhishek is in the middle of the action again to win a penalty corner which Harmanpreet again sends it wide, but a sound is heard which could be the ball hitting some protection behind.

Q3 IND 0-2 GBR: Mazarelo has been the thorn in India’s attacking line today – three saves that were pulled out of nowhere and GB can breathe a sigh of relief after the combination of Hardik and Araijeet combined to try and get that first goal for them.

India men’s team coach Craig Fulton: Great Britain began well and took their chances. We’ve also had a few chances, half chances but whoever gets the next goal will take it and hope that’s going to be us.

HT IND 0-2 GBR: Some sublime hockey from both sides in that quarter with both teams responding to the other’s challenge and both goalkeepers making some really good saves. Hardik in particular along with Sukhjeet and Abhishek have been quite good in getting the ball up front, but India will rue the missed penalty corners so far.

Great Britain however have been immensely strong and incredible in winning the player-on-player challenges most of the time. They’ve also managed to stifle the beginning of any quick Indian attack and defended well against the penalty corners.

Q2 IND 0-2 GBR: That was quite a bit of buildup which didn’t turn into a goal, but if it had, it would have been brilliant. The Indian midfield pass the ball around them as Hardik sends the ball into Harmanpreet who goes past four GB defenders in style before sending the ball into the side of the goal.

Q2 IND 0-2 GBR: Cheeky there from Abhishek who tackles his marker quite well and gets the ball forward with Araijeet Hundal as support, but then runs into his second marker and the referee doesn’t fall for it.

Q2 IND 0-2 GBR: Calnan makes a brilliant run up to goal and sends it straight into Sreejesh who saves it well and Sumit is there on hand to collect it. But the hosts continue to pile the pressure on the Indian defence who are holding on for now.

End of Q1 IND 0-2 GBR: Two penalty corners and both go missing from India and Harmanpreet Singh especially. The first one, that was given because GB captain Waller gets the ball on the foot inside the circle, is blocked by Creed and the second one doesn’t get a chance to go beyond the first line.

Q1 IND 0-2 GBR: GOAL FOR GREAT BRITAIN! A bit of passing play from the hosts as the attack steadily builds with Bandurak getting the ball up front. He takes his time and then turns to smack it into goal for his and GB’s second goal of the afternoon.

Q1 IND 0-1 GBR: A good steal of the ball from Abhishek and weaves it past the GB defence as Sukhjeet and Co are waiting for a pass, but the GB defence holds steady and concedes a penalty corner. Harmanpreet steps up and sends it rather wide, into the netting in front of the fans in the stand.

Q1 IND 0-1 GBR: GB get a penalty corner and the hosts send it wide which is then collected by Harmanpreet who still has his gear on but keeps the ball safely as he discards it only to send a good aerial ball in to Rajkumar.

Q1 IND 0-1 GBR: GOAL FOR GREAT BRITAIN! Brilliant start from the hosts who manage to stave off India’s early charge with a brilliant tackle and then run ahead quickly as Bandurak sweeps it in to a tight angle past Sreejesh for the lead.

India vs Great Britain: A bit of a delay as the on-field umpires try and reconnect with the video umpire. But things are resolved and the game gets underway under the London sunshine.

India men’s team coach Craig Fulton: Yesterday the balance was there with the deep defence but there’s work to do behind the scenes. Great Britain are a strong team so there could be a few cards today. Ultimately the priority is the Olympics so there’s work to be done for that.

Hello and welcome to Scroll’s coverage of the 2023-24 FIH Pro League matches in London, England.

India’s start to the final leg of the FIH Pro League has been mixed with the men’s team securing a win against Germany on Saturday while the women are still on the hunt for their first win in the European leg.

The women’s team will have to dig deep to tackle their main issue of being unable to hold on to a lead and their leaky defence so far. The men’s team, on the other hand, will be looking to continue their good run of form with the attack in particular looking splendid.

Indian men’s squad

Goalkeepers: Sreejesh Parattu Raveendran, Krishan Bahadur Pathak

Defenders: Jarmanpreet Singh, Sumit, Jugraj Singh, Amit Rohidas, Harmanpreet Singh (captain), Sanjay, Vishnukant Singh

Midfielders: Hardik Singh (vice captain), Vivek Sagar Prasad, Manpreet Singh, Nilakanta Sharma, Shamsher Singh, Rajkumar Pal, Mohammed Raheel Mouseen

Forwards: Lalit Kumar Upadhyay, Mandeep Singh, Gurjant Singh, Sukhjeet Singh, Abhishek, Akashdeep Singh, Araijeet Singh Hundal, Boby Singh Dhami

Indian women’s squad

Goalkeepers: Savita Punia, Bichu Devi Kharibam

Defenders: Nikki Pradhan, Udita Duhan, Ishika Chaudhary, Monika, Jyoti Chhatri, Mahima Chaudhary

Midfielders: Salima Tete (Captain), Vaishnavi Vitthal Phalke, Navneet Kaur (Vice captain), Neha Goyal, Jyoti, Baljeet Kaur, Manisha Chauhan, Lalremsiami

Forwards: Mumtaz Khan, Sangita Kumari, Deepika, Sharmila Devi, Preeti Dubey, Vandana Katariya, Sunelita Toppo, Deepika Soreng