The taunts were unrelenting. Every time US goalkeeper Hope Solo touched the ball during the Americans’ match against France in Belo Horizonte on Saturday, the Brazilian crowds in the stands jeered with cries of “Zika”.

Solo earned the ire of many Brazilians before the beginning of the Rio Olympics when she expressed reluctance to travel for the Games for fear of contacting Zika virus. Though she changed her mind, she posted a photo on social media wearing mosquito netting and clutching insecticide. “Not sharing this!!! Get your own! (hashtag) zikaproof,” the image caption read.

Some Brazilians took offence at the posts, seeing them as a slight to their country, leading to a backlash on social media.

Zika, an illness transmitted mainly from mosquito bite, has been linked to microcephaly in newborn babies. Brazil is the epicentre of the recent Zika outbreak, which has reportedly infected over 1.5 million people there, according to CBS News.

The on-field heckling of Solo began on Wednesday, when the US played New Zealand in their Olympic Games opener. The Americans dominated that night, winning it 2-0. But things became worse on Saturday, as the jeers loudened through the contest with France. Still, Solo had the last laugh, with her team managing a 1-0 victory.

“I wish people would understand that I did my due diligence before coming to Brazil,” Solo told Sports Illustrated. “It was a personal decision I had to make alongside my husband and it’s not something I just spoke about without getting educated on.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Olympics has been the subject of funny and not-so-funny comments.

Indians too have been tweeting their takes on the Games.