Bishweshwar Nandi, Dipa Karmakar's long-time coach and 2016 Dronacharya Award winner has said that he used "psychological attacks" against the ace gymnast from Tripura to try and get the best out of her, according to a PTI report.

Nandi said that parents were very protective in this era and corporal punishment was out of the question. "In this era of scientific training, corporal punishment is a strict ‘no-no’," he said.

The veteran coach further defended his methods by claiming that it used to stir up Karmakar's emotions as she would break down and plead with him, claiming that this was his "technique".

“We have to make way by scaring them or screaming at them. As of Dipa, I try to hurt her feelings by saying something, so as to channelise her aggression that’s inside her. My job is to bring out the best in her,” Nandi said.

Karmakar missed a bronze in Rio by a margin of 0.15 points, but pulling off the Produnova, the most difficult vault to attempt in a remarkable achievement as she became the first female Indian gymnast to compete at the Olympics.

The team's next focus is on the 2017 Gymnastics World Championships in Montreal, Nandi said.