Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr on Monday ruled himself out of being on the bench for Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers but said he could return at some point in the series.

Kerr has been absent from the Golden State bench for 10 straight playoff games as he deals with complications from 2015 back surgery.

“I’m not ready to coach yet,” Kerr said Monday. “I’m still feeling the effects,” added Kerr, who has passed over his bench duties to Mike Brown during his absence.

Kerr, who watches the Warriors games from a private room on television before addressing the team at half-time, left the bench after Game 2 of the Warriors sweep of Portland in the first round.

He had complained of severe headaches, neck pain and nausea. Kerr said he expects to re-evaluate his fitness after Game 1 of the eagerly anticipated series, the third year in a row the Cavs and Warriors have met in the NBA Finals.

“Once we get to Game 1 it might be a good time to make a decision one way or another,” Kerr said. Kerr, 51, travelled with the Warriors for the final two games of the Western Conference Finals in San Antonio. The coach confirmed he plans to travel to Cleveland for Games 3 and 4 of this series.