English cricket ground Lord’s is clamping down on alcohol allowance for fans after a recent “incident” at the first Test between England and South Africa, the Marylebone Cricket Club announced.

Fans at the famous stadium have long been allowed to bring in as much of their own booze as they like, but new rules suggest that this will be a thing of the past.

Lord’s members may only be allowed to take up to two pints of beer into the grounds if it is under six per cent alcohol, or a single 75cl bottle of wine if it is between six and 18 per cent – the same restrictions as Wimbledon.

“Amounts of alcohol in excess of these limits... will be confiscated,” said the MCC.

“Under no circumstances will any spectator be readmitted to Lord’s Ground at any time during the day if in possession of any alcohol.

“MCC reserves the right to confiscate any quantity of alcohol from any spectator, leaving or entering Lord’s Ground.”

Lord’s has not commented on the extensity of the “incident” referred to during England’s victory over the Proteas.

The decision follows a ban on champagne in the Lord’s stands, which was issued by the club last year, with the corks seen as a potential hazard to boundary fielders.