Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has been asked to sell his stake in a sports management company or risk bidding goodbye to the commentary box, reported the Times of India on Thursday. The Board of Control for Cricket in India has forced Gavaskar to pick between the two in accordance with its conflict of interest guidelines, the report added.

The Professional Management Group, a company started in 1985 and of which Gavaskar is a director, has been involved in various major sporting events in India. It has also been working closely with Indian cricket.

Gavaskar wants to continue his commentating, according to the report, and is willing to sell his stake to a close family member. However, the BCCI has barred him from doing so and asked him to sell his stake to an outsider instead, the report added.

“The board made it clear to Gavaskar that he can’t sell his stake in PMG to his family members,” a BCCI official told the daily. “He has agreed to sell his stake to an outsider as he wants to continue with his role of a commentator, and also wants to set the right example.” However, according to some other reports, Gavaskar doesn’t want to sell his stake and is scheduled to have talks with the board.