The Pakistan Football Federation has been suspended by the sport’s governing body Fifa with immediate effect on account of “undue third-party interference”.

A Fifa committee called Bureau of the Council took the decision because the Pakistani federation’s offices and its accounts remain in control of a court-appointed administrator”, according to a statement. This in turn violates the PFF’s obligations to Fifa to “manage its affairs independently and without influence from any third parties”.

As a result of the suspension, the PFF has lost all its membership rights to Fifa. Its representatives and club teams are are no longer allowed to take part in international competitions until the suspension is lifted.

The PFF will also not be able to benefit from any development programmes, courses or training from Fifa or the Asian Football Confederation. Other Fifa member associations are also not allowed to maintain sporting contact with the PFF during the suspension.

Fifa clarified that the suspension would be lifted once the PFF regains access to its offices and its accounts.

A Twitter thread by mediaperson Rehan Ulhaq outlined the widespread bureaucracy in the federation which has meant that the national football team has not played a single international match since March 2015.