Post-match: Kane Williamson looks relaxed and is visibly proud of his team. Rues the small moments where his team couldn’t hold their nerves tonight. Man of the match is Rohit Sharma (should really have been Bumrah though) and he, in a nice moment, credits the pre-match analysis of the broadcasters for making a small change in his technique. Man of the series is captain Virat Kohli, of course, for his two centuries in the series. He’ full of praise for his bowlers for pulling this off with heavy dew in the evening.

That’s it from us for the ODI series. Do watch this space for post-match reports, analysis and what not. The T20I series starts on 1st November in New Delhi – also Nehra’s farewell. Join us then. Goodnight!

09:45 pm: Just how good was Bumrah at the death again!

What a match in Kanpur: Credit to New Zealand for making this a fantastic series. Should have really won the match at the end with 35 from 24 balls. But Jasprit Bumrah the star again with figures of 3 for 47 in a match where 660-plus runs were scored. Bhuvneshwar had a bad day but even he chipped in with a crucial wicket of Nicholls at the end that swung the match back in India’s favour.

INDIA HAVE WON THE SERIES: Trust Jasprit Bumrah to deliver at the end. He has been exceptional today and delivers the win for his captain. Just 3 runs from the first 3 balls and then Santner hits a full toss to midwicket and is given out. With 12 from 2, Bumrah closes it out. India win by 6 runs!

49th over, New Zealand 15 need from 6 balls: More twists? While everyone thought Santner would take a single and give the strike to big hitting de Grandhomme, he deposits a full toss from Bhuvi over long on for a six! But Bhuvi comes back well in the over, conceding just 3 after that. Brilliant character from Bhuvi again!

48th over, New Zealand need 25 from 12 balls: Two wickets in two overs for India and it’s a massive mix up between de Grandhomme and Latham. Bumrah fires a yorker in, CDG misses and Latham has raced to the other end. Dhoni throws it back to Bumrah and he gets the run out. What have you done, New Zealand!

47th over, NZ need 30 from 18 balls: Take a bow, Bhuvi! What character to come back at the death and deliver a big wicket for his captain, given the day he has had so far. Perfect yorker, through Nicholls’ defence and clean bowled. And just 5 runs in that over. The match swings again.

46th over, 15 runs - NZ need 35 from 24 balls: Is that the over that changed the match? Bumrah has been spectacular today so far but the last two balls of that over might have swung the match and the series in NZ’s favour. Four over square leg and then a six over Dhoni’s head. Nicholls has taken the match away from India!

After 45 overs, NZ 288 for 4 (50 needed from 30 balls): And now an over for Pandya – another decision that goes down in the list of ‘failed moves’ by Kohli today. Latham and Nicholls get a boundary each, 11 off it. And a brilliant over from Chahal at the other end. Just 5 from it as the batsmen play it safe and see him off. Brilliant spell from Chahal – 2/47 from his 10.

After 43 over NZ: 272/4 (66 needed from 42 balls) And after that exceptional Bumrah over, the match has completely turned again. 24 runs from the last 2 overs – 12 each off Kedar Jadhav (seriously, Kohli?) and Chahal and Latham, Nicholls put NZ on top. And 50 for Latham as well as he gets there fittingly with a sweep to square leg boundary. Bizarre decisions from Kohli today. Nicholls joins the sweeping as well.

WICKET, AND IT IS BUMRAH AGAIN: A brilliant start to the final 10 for India. Bumrah gets the ball to land in a good length outside off and the offcutter bounces extra and hits Ross Taylor high on the bat and the edge loops up to point. Delight for Bumrah, bemusement for Taylor. Just one run from that over. Brilliant stuff by Bumrah.

After 40 overs, NZ 247/3 (91 needed from 60 balls): Alright, here we go. Entering the final 10 overs. One would say New Zealand are the favourites here with the way Latham and Taylor are batting. Bumrah with a spectacular 39th, conceding just 2. 8 from Bhuvi in the 40th as Latham plays a delightful square drive

After 38 overs, 237/3 (101 needed from 72 balls) : Not surprisingly, it’s Bhuvneshwar and Bumrah bowling in tandem now with the in-form Taylor-Latham partnership rebuilding again for the Black Caps. Bhuvi, who conceded 51 from his first 5, will want to make a comeback now but concedes 18 in his 2 overs. Latham with a stylish on drive for four off the last ball of 38th. The partnership has crossed 70 without too much fuss. Bumrah from the other end continues to be impressive, just 5 from his over.

After 35 overs, NZ 214/3 (124 needed from 90 balls): Once again a partnership building between Latham and Taylor. Pandya clearly being targeted by the duo – his fourth goes for 11 and he’s conceded 36 overall. That would be it for him tonight, one thinks. And Axar too has gone for 18 in his last two combined.

After 33 overs, NZ 194/3 (144 neeeded of 17): With the pressure on New Zealand, and the required rate increasing, and with two new batsmen in – Kohli decides to take Chahal off and bring on Pandya and Axar. Perhaps the idea is to get the 5th bowler quota done with, before the big finale, but maybe it would have been good to get the wickets now. Axar doing well though, keeping it tight except in the 33rd over, going for 8. Pandya being targeted though.

WICKET, AND THE BIG ONE: Chahal is the hero, gets the big wicket of Kane Williamson, who was looking in great touch. As he often does, he has delivered for his captain Kohli. Slows the pace, tosses it full on the offstump, turning away and the sweep shot takes the top-edge. Dhoni makes no mistake with the catch. Williamson is cross with himself but that really was top-class spin bowling.

After 28 overs NZ: 169/3 (169 runs required from 21 overs)

Breakthrough for INDIA, Munro out: A 109-run partnership is broken by the impressive Chahal. Just the ball after he deposited Jadhav over midwicket for a massive six in the last over, Chahal flights it up, gets it to turn back from the off stump and goes through the massive bat-pad gap to rattle the stumps. Delight for Chahal, the crowd comes back to life.

After 25 overs, NZ: 154/2

Fifty for Williamson: A classy knock this, by Kane Williamson. He’s picked his shots very well, cutting and driving like only he can at his best. Watchful against Chahal except one heave over midwicket for four, he gets to the landmark with an elegant cut off Jadhav for four. The crowd has gone quiet for the most past part. Chahal, meanwhile, continues to impress from one end. After 23 overs, NZ 143/1

After 20 overs, NZ 126/1: The pace has gone down a tad bit as the required rate goes above 7. Chahal is in fine form, and the NZ batsmen are treating him with respect. Almost gets Munro stumped, but he survives. Jadhav, while not conceding boundaries, is not able to contain the singles so far – 26 from his five overs.

After 17 overs, NZ 113/1 (Williamson 57, Munro 39): With Axar going for runs as well, Kohli has been forced to bring on Chahal early too. He’s off to a fine start though, just 5 runs from his first 2 overs. Getting some real turn early on, beating Williamson with a beauty. Jadhav meanwhile concedes 10 in his 3rd over with two boundaries. The NZ Captain is looking in great touch with a some cuts and drives. Drinks in Kanpur, India need to revisit their plans.

FIFTY FOR COLIN MUNRO: A wonderful innings this so far by Munro - a man whose reputation has often overshadowed his numbers. A 38-ball half century in a must-win match is excellent stuff. Gets there with a single off the last ball of the 14th over by Jadhav. After 14 overs, NZ 98/1.

After 13 overs, NZ 92/1: One quiet over each from Axar and Kedar Jadhav (despite a ridiculously good switch hit from Munro for four). In the 13th over, NZ take on Axar with Williamson and Munro getting a boundary each. Not letting the spinner settle into a rhythm will be crucial for Kiwis’ chances.

After 10 overs, NZ 74/1 (Munro 39, Williamson 19): It’s just not been Bhuvi’s day so far. Munro targets him again, hits a massive six on the move over square leg. His five overs have gone for 51 runs! Bumrah comes back from the other end after a strange one-over burst for Pandya and concedes just 4.

Time for spin from the other end after a super powerplay for New Zealand.

8th over, NZ 62/1: Strange decision by Kohli to remove Bumrah from the attack after his excellent start and brings on Pandya who promptly concedes 11 runs in his first over with two bad balls on the pads when he has a off-side heavy field.

7th over, NZ 51/1: Bhuvi continues and it’s now Williamson’ turn to hit a boundary off him. Great punch through the cover off the first ball. Bhuvi comes back well, just a single after that.

WICKET, Bumrah strikes! As Bhuvi struggles, Bumrah has got off to a fine start and gets a reward in the form of Guptill’s wicket. The batsman wants to go big over mid-off but DK completes a good running catch. Just 2 runs and a wicket from that After 6 overs, NZ 46/1

5th over, NZ 44/0: Strange over from Bhuvi, going around the wicket to Munro. Starts off with a series of bouncers and struggles with his line and the angle. A long over too: 0 wd 0 wd 0 wd 1 3 4. Ends with Munro uppecutting for four.

4th over, NZ 33/0: Great over from Bumrah, just one run off it. Keeps Guptill under check with a couple of quick good length balls and one excellent yorker.

3rd over, NZ 32/0: Munro has clearly affected Bhuvi’s rhythm. His line and length is all over the place, trying too many variations. Guptill gets going as well with a punch through cover for four.

2nd over, NZ 24/0: Munro has started like a man on a mission, takes on Bumrah too. Lofts him over mid-off for four, but a good over from Bumrah otherwise – mixing up the slower ones well.

1st over, NZ 19/0: What a start for the Black Caps. Colin Munro is on fire, destroys Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the first over. 6-4-4-4 from his first four balls. First up, a six over square leg for six followed by a cut and straight drive. The last was a gift from Kohli as a forward defence to cover results in a needless overthrow from the captain.

Here we go: New Zealand begin their run-chase. They need 338 to win their first ever series in India, and it’s under lights for the first time at Green Park.

End of India’s innings, India 337/6 after 50 overs: A good final over by Adam Milne, just six runs and two wickets with Dhoni falling off the first ball and Jadhav falling off the last. An over filled with slower balls does the trick. Perhaps not the score they would have expected when Kohli and Rohit were going so strong, but 337 in the must-win game is daunting nonetheless.


After 49 overs, India 331/4: Another 12-run over for India, thanks to a massive hit over fine leg by Kedar Jadhav off the last ball of Southee’s over. Adam Milne with the final over...

After 48 overs, India 319/4: Big over for India, 12 runs off Boult’s final over as he concedes 81 in his overs. Not his day at all. Jadhav and Dhoni get a boundary each past point.

WICKET, VIRAT KOHLI WALKS BACK: A big round of applause for the Indian captain as he walks back after 100 no. 32 in ODIS. 113 off 106 balls, with a lot of running, 9 fours and one six. Finds the fielder at long off Southee after hitting a four to bring up India’s 300. Onus on Dhoni now to push India to a big score. And he finds the boundary off the very next ball with a brutal hit past long on. After 47 overs, INDIA: 307/4

WICKET, HARDIK PANDYA GONE: The move to promote the big-hitting Pandya doesn’t pay off as Santner strikes again to make this a good phase of play for New Zealand. Similar to Rohit’s dismissal, as Pandya mistimes an attempted six over long off – finds the fielder again. Dhoni comes in and relieves a bit of pressure with a four off Milne’s over, 10 from it.

After 45 overs, INDIA: 285/3

CENTURY FOR VIRAT KOHLI: What a player. What a wonderful player. 32nd century in ODIs for the Indian skipper and he’s brought this up in 96 balls, in a must-win match for his side. His 6th ODI century of 2017. Incredible.

End of a mighty fine innings by Rohit Sharma: No double century for Rohit Sharma today (it looked like a genuine possibility). A tired-looking shot from The Hitman, as he tries to loft Santner over long off for a six, the bat ends up turning in his hand and he finds Southee at long off. Falls for 147 off 138 balls. What a knock in a decider! Pat on the back from the New Zealanders as well.

After 42 overs INDIA: 264/2 (Kohli 97, Pandya 2)

After 40 overs INDIA: 252/1 (Kohli 93, Sharma 141)

The records are tumbling in Kanpur. First, 9000 ODI runs for Kohli in his 194th innings, the fastest to get there. And the 200-run partnership up as well, for the fourth time between the two of them – another ODI record. No two batsmen have put on 200 together more times.

In the process of breaking those records, the runs are flowing. 56 in the last 5 overs. 25 in the last 3. Boundaries galore.

After 37 overs INDIA: 227/1 (Kohli 69, Sharma 109)

What did Kohli and Rohit have during the drinks break? The gears have been shifted in Kanpur. After a 3-run over heading into the drinks, 17 from the 36th and 14 from the 37th!

Scoring like this: 4 1 4 0 4 4 0 4 1 4 1 4

Both the batsmen are toying with the field. Those 6 boundaries came all around the ground!

CENTURY FOR ROHIT SHARMA: What a stylish innings by The Hitman, but when is it not, eh? Gets to the landmark with with a single to fine leg and a pretty animated celebration. His 5th ODI 100 in 2017, 15th of his career. And in the over after getting there, plays his favourite short-arm jab over midwicket for a four. Getting to his 100 in the 33rd over – can he, you know, do it again?

After 34 overs INDIA: 193/1 (Kohli 67, Sharma 108)

After 31 overs, INDIA: 172/1 (Kohli 56, Sharma 98)

FIFTY FOR KOHLI! As always, a delightful innings by the captain – played second fiddle to Rohit for the most part but has played some delightful strokes himself as well.

Another produtive 5-over phase for India, 32 runs from it. Rohit has raced to 98, with some big hits of Santner.

Six no 150 in ODIS for ROHIT!

After 26 overs, India 140/1 : (Kohli 44, Sharma 79)

Milne, Boult bowling in tandem but no signs of a breakthrough – except a yes-no situation at the end of that 26th over. (What did we tell you? These two, eh?)

A series of milestones for the Indian captain and vice-captain: With a delightful flick past midwicket off the returning Trent Boult, Kohli goes past 1381 runs in 2017 – the most for him in a calendar year ever. At the other end, 1000 runs for Rohit Sharma in 2017, first time since 2013. And soon after that the 100-run partnership between the two. Boult and Milne have been brought back in an attempt to break this partnership but we all know New Zealand’s best hope now is a run-out, don’t we?

After 20 overs, India 109/1 (Rohit 64, Kohli 29): 100 up for India in the 19th over and Rohit Sharma marks the occasion with a delightful lobbed pull over fine leg. The first ball of the de Grandhomme over saw a powerful cut past point for 4 as well. Kohli meanwhile is getting the ones and twos and letting Rohit do the big-scoring. At the 20 over mark, India looking set for a big score.

Drinks in Kanpur and India are sitting pretty:

Over 17: India 91-1 (Rohit Sharma 51, Virat Kohli 24)

Another ODI fifty for Rohit, it has come off just 52 balls. And right now, NZ should be worried. Some of India’s most devastating partnerships have come between Rohit and Virat and the duo are looking good and untroubled in the middle now.

Over 14: India 77-1 (Rohit Sharma 44, Virat Kohli 17)

Rohit and Kohli are upping the tempo without too much effort. The last two overs have seen India put on 18 runs and this is looking good for the hosts now.

Over 6.1: India 29-1 (Rohit Sharma 13)

WICKET! New Zealand’s bowlers have a happy wicket-taking knack, the good length ball bounced a little more than expected and the man at mid-off takes an easy catch.

S Dhawan c Williamson b Southee 14 (20b 3x4 0x6)

Over 6: India 29-0 (Rohit Sharma 13, Shikhar Dhawan 14)

Wonderful use of the feet by Dhawan to drive one through the covers. India have been kept in check by some good swing bowling by the Kiwis but the visitors have been let down by the boundary balls they have bowled in almost every over. 24 dots, 7 ones, 5 fours.

Over 5: India 22-0 (Rohit Sharma 7, Shikhar Dhawan 9)

Five overs gone and India’s openers are still there in middle. That usually means bad news for the opposition.

Over 4: India 17-0 (Rohit Sharma 7, Shikhar Dhawan 9)

Boundary off the last ball made it a decent over for India – five runs off it but on the whole, NZ have bowled well. There is good carry in the wicket for now.

Over 3: India 12-0 (Rohit Sharma 6, Shikhar Dhawan 5)

Steady over by Southee – just one run off it. Pulls things back a little for NZ.

Over 2: India 11-0 (Rohit Sharma 5, Shikhar Dhawan 5)

Boult into the attack and he has regularly got the better of India’s openers. But Dhawan showed that he isn’t going to be holding back with a wonderful shot to the backward point boundary. It was close to the off-stump but Dhawan was simply superb.

Over 1: India 7-0 (Rohit Sharma 5, Shikhar Dhawan 1)

Southee getting some away movement but his line is a bit off. The outfield seems to be pretty quick so the batsmen will get good value for their shots. The fifth ball of the over was pretty wide and Rohit freed his arms and hit it over the infield.

Pitch and past record

01:15 pm: Three hundred has not been crossed in the series so far but that could well be the case at batting friendly conditions at Kanpur. South Africa had posted 303 in the last ODI that was played at Green Park and India fell short by five runs. India also lost the T20 International played against England here in January this year. There is a hint of green at Green Park, and that could be a factor with Trent Boult and Tim Southee early on – a repeat of Wankhede? The average first innings score here is 270 and one feels India would need much more than that if the conditions are expected to get better in the evening with dew.

Looking ahead to the decider

01:10 pm: Captain Virat Kohli and his team thrive on challenges and they will back themselves to win their seventh ODI series in a row when they take the field at the Green Park Stadium, which will be hosting its first ever 50-over game under lights. “We look forward to challenges. We spoke about bouncing back, and we have bounced back here (in Pune). We would look to play a similar sort of game in Kanpur as well,” Kohli said after the six-wicket win over the Kiwis in the second ODI.

A big positive for India in Pune was Dinesh Karthik delivering at no 4 with an unbeaten 64. The team management has tried as many as 11 players at the number four spot since the 2015 World Cup and Karthik certainly did enough to stake his claim in that position going forward. He had batted at number five in the series opener but has stated that four is his preferred spot.


01:00 pm: Kane Williamson calls tails, and calls right. India will bat first in the decider because Williamson thinks dew is going to be a factor. Kohli agrees, says would have bowled first too but is keen to put up runs on the board in the first half. Both teams unchanged.

12:55 pm: Hello and welcome to the live blog of the third and final ODI in the series between India and New Zealand. It’s decider time!