England 1-2 India: And that is the win! They have beaten the world’s no 2 hockey side. They have beaten the Olympic champions. Wonderful second half, more energy, more determination. One team went into the dressing room at HT, another came out after it. Superb.

England 1-2 India: 4 minutes, 35 seconds left in the 4th quarter and Danson gets another PC for England. But the first runner gets a touch and sends the ball clear.

England 1-2 India: 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter and India are keeping it together. Clearly more desperate to win this. They need to keep on pushing and concentrate.

England 1-2 India: 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter and India are running and running hard. A lot of talk around the Indian camp has been about fitness and it is showing. England are looking slow by comparison.

England 1-2 India: 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter and it is England that now need to search for the equaliser. India are looking good but they need to guard against complacency.

England 1-2 India: GOAL! Fourth quarter begins and India go ahead. Rani earned the penalty stroke after beign stick-checked and then Gurjit Kaur converted from the spot. What a turnaround this has been! Superb stuff by India. England are under the pump now. India have been a different team since half-time, looks like Harendra’s half-time speeches are not to be missed.

England 1-1 India: Hooter goes for the end of the third quarter. Much better performance from India – they have showed more energy. Vandana and Rani were both superb in this quarter and it sparked the others into action too. They got three shots on goal in this quarter. They had only two in the entire first half.

England 1-1 India: GOAL! And India have their equaliser through Navneet Kaur. Lovely move and Navneet slotted in a powerful shot between the legs of the England goalkeeper. Beautifully worked move and most important it was quick, didn’t give England the time to set up in defence.

England 1-0 India: With 7 minutes, 20 second left in the quarter, Rani earns a PC for India but they once again make a mess of it. Not able to get off a clear shot. The push was also just not quick enough. Not good at this level. Second PC they have messed up today. Harendra Singh will be disappointed.

England 1-0 India: Five minutes into the third quarter, Danson earns another PC for England but India survive. India are pushing a little now and closing down on the ball carrier faster than they were in the first half.

England 1-0 India: Just one minute into the third quarter, India get off an early shot. Englsnd goalkeeper Maddie Hinch was called into action but she made a smart save.

England 1-0 India: Hooter goes for half-time. England holding on the early goal and putting India under some intense pressure. The statistics favour England and India have been limited – they have never really threatened the English defense.

England 1-0 India: With 1 minute, 46 seconds to go, India have conceded another conceded another PC. India decided to refer but it didn’t go their way.
England hit the crossbar with their first PC before getting another one which was saved well by Savita.
Then, England asked for a video referral and were successful. But it was well saved once again. A very tight passage of play.

England 1-0 India: 4 minutes left in 2nd quarter, this is now developing into a cagey contest. England are attacking well but India are hanging on.

England 1-0 India: 9 minutes left in 2nd quarter, Elena Rayer has a miss from close range for England. An open goal but she couldn’t control the ball. England have had the better chances. But it is still 1-0 and India should take hope from that.

England 1-0 India: 10 minutes left in 2nd quarter, width-wise and length-wise, England are stretching the Indian defense. They attack with pace. In comparison, India seem to be attacking without much purpose. They are not doing much with their possession.

England 1-0 India: India start the second quarter by conceding an early PC but Giselle Ansley’s shot goes wide. India can breathe easy. They did not want to concede early here.

England 1-0 India: END OF FIRST QUARTER. In the dying seconds, goalkeeper Savita came up with a brilliant save to keep the scores as they were. It was a one-on-one situation but she had her eye on the ball.

England 1-0 India: Two minutes left in the quarter, and status quo has been maintained. India have had more possession but England look more threatening when they have the ball. Harendra will need to give his team a big pep talk.

England 1-0 India: Five minutes left in the quarter, India have not conceded again. That is a big plus. The women in blue are also starting to get into the match and control the pace of the proceedings a lot better now.

England 1-0 India: With 7 minutes 40 seconds left in the quarter, India ask for a video referral and get it right. But they got the PC completely wrong. It wasn’t stopped well and India could not even get the shot off. Wasted opportunity.

England 1-0 India: Five minutes gone in the first quarter, India are still trying to recover from that early goal. But the advantage is that they have the whole match to get that goal back.

England 1-0 India: GOAL! Within a minute of play, England have scored. Caught napping. With just 35 seconds of play, India have gone down already. Alexandra Danson got the final touch. That should wake India up.

05.01 am: The teams are lining up and it will be time for the match to begin soon. This will be a good test for India – they can upset the applecart if they attack well and put consistent pressure.

04:50 am: Hello all and welcome to the live blog for the third group stage game for the Indian women’s hockey team. The opponent today, after the loss against Wales and win against Malaysia, is England.