Retired judges HL Gokhale and VM Kanade on Wednesday took charge as the administrators of the Mumbai Cricket Association at its office in the southern part of the city.

The two judges met with eligible members of the MCA’s managing committee. It is understood, that incumbent president Ashish Shelar stepped down from his post as the judges made it apparent to him that he was no longer in charge. The judges tasked each of the six eligible office-bearers specific responsibilities to assist with the working of the body. It is understood that Shelar turned down the offer.

“As per the HC order, we took charge of the MCA today,” Gokhale told reporters. “I’m the head of the CoA, while he (referring to Kanade) is a member of the committee. We’re there in charge till June 30, by when we’re supposed to conduct the election as per the Lodha reforms. The Special General Meeting (SGM), supposed to be held on April 16 (to implement the Lodha reforms), has been adjourned. We’ve decided to call all the (330) members of the MCA for a meeting on April 25, in which we’ll hear their views on the Lodha reforms and the amendments in the MCA constitution as per the reforms. We’ll then hold an SGM in mid-May, and then conduct the elections. We aren’t here for more than two months,” Gokhale told reporters on Wednesday.

“You can say that for now, I’m the president of the MCA, while Kanade’s the vice-president. We’ve appointed a chartered accountant (Aditi Savant) to assist us with the accounts of the association, since she’s an expert in that field,” Gokhale added.

The MCA, which is yet to implement the Lodha panel reforms, had recently faced the wrath of the Bombay High Court.

On April 4, the high court accepted the names of former Supreme Court judge HL Gokhale and former High Court judge VM Kanade as administrators of the MCA to regulate the functioning of the state cricket body.