The Equestrian team for the upcoming Asian Games has come under scrutiny after allegations were raised of discrepancies in the selection process.

The IOA on Tuesday released a list of entries for Equestrain that included only four names in Eventing, with no participation in Show Jumping and Dressage.

Equestrian Shruti Vora, who participated in Dressage at the 2014 Asian Games, has alleged that the Equestrian Federation of India has not conducted the selection process in a fair manner and requested Indian Olympic Association president Narinder Batra to intervene. A copy of Vora’s letter is with Scroll.

Taking cognizance of the letter, Batra has called EFI president Lieutenant general Ashok Ambre and general secretary Colonel RK Swain.

In a letter to IOA secretary general Rajeev Mehta, Batra further stated: “In case they do not come then they should be informed that the IOA will assume they have nothing to say and that the views of the athletes are correct. IOA will be free to take its own decision in all fairness for Eventing, Show Jumping & Dressage, since complaints of fairness in selection process are coming in all three events of Equestrian.”

The last date of entries, though, has already passed and it is unclear if the team can be changed at this stage.

Vora on her part has claimed that her name was excluded despite her achieving the mark as per the selection criteria set by the EFI.

“The team was announced at the last minute just hours before the official entries were to be submitted to the Asian Games organising committee,” Vora told Scroll. “This was done so those aggrieved like me cannot contest the wrongful selection practices.

“I have achieved all the marks necessary after clearing nine trials, yet I have been excluded in Dressage,” she added.

The EFI, though, has refuted all claims of discrepancies. Questioning the IOA’s meddling in their selection process.

“Who are they (IOA)? It is our selection process and I can assure everyone that the entire selection process was conducted in a fair manner,” Swain told Scroll.

“IOA is the umbrella body so we will attend the meeting called on the matter and clear the air over these false allegations,” he added.