Mohun Bagan’s Wikipedia page was vandalised on 20th July by an unidentified Wiki user.

The club’s official page, Mohun Bagan A.C, was changed in several places, including the name of the Kolkata giants. The word ‘Mohun’ was replaced in several instances by ‘Lebu’.

The user that made the revisions ( is unidentified and made the changes around 14:44 hours.

However, this is not the first time that Mohun Bagan’s page has been subject to edits and incorrect information. Erroneous edits included the non-fact that Bagan had been declared as the ‘National Club of India’ when no such honour had ever been bestowed on the Green and Maroons.

The page has also often been incorrectly updated with the records of the Kolkata derby between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan, including the statistics of the games played between the two teams.

Wikipedia’s policy on vandalism is clear. It states, “Revert the vandalism by viewing the page’s history and selecting the most recent version of the page prior to the vandalism. Use an edit summary such as ‘rvv’ or ‘reverted vandalism’ and click on the button ‘Publish changes’.”

Accordingly, the previous version of the page has now been restored.